Tadase Hotori (Guardian Cape/Platinum Royale) - shugo chara




Thanks to a good friend of mine (Ichigo-chan) saying a Shugo Chara group was planned at London 2009, so I casually said maybe I'd go as Tadase or Nagihiko - which eventually turned out that she's doing schoolgirl Amu at Telford 2009...so I caved in and decided to do Tadase. Whether I can get it done by then is another story...

I've also made a bet that if she can do Utau fom Shugo Chara, I will do Platinum Royale. I'm praying I don't lose this bet...^^


k4tt posted on 9 June, 2009 - 18:23
Ah-Ha!! I remember you. Very cool outfit there, and I think it was only fitting for Tadase to meet with his Chara at the May Expo 09 as well ^__^