Red Sonja

Cosplayer: SafiBear

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th May 2013: Bikini finished bikini has been finished ages but i forgot to post xD
a test shot of it being worn.

27th March 2013: Pauldrons painted Not sure why there's only one in the picture xD the paint was still wet but it looks really good dry, maybe i wont even weather it (it's got an effect on it like kinda crackled) now i just need to make the neck piece of them.

27th March 2013: Bikini is a b***h >.< so had made a bikini to go over the bra but if just all wrong >.< so i've sewn on the material to the bra instead.. dont even care how shitty it looks >< it's finished now.. pic soon :)

4th March 2013: Making lots of headway ^_^ I have pretty much finished my loin cloths.. just going to buy some larger o rings and sort the sough edges out

28th December 2012: No longer using the sequins. I found the dream material! ahh for me it;s pretty much what sonja would have worn (bar scalemail) i shall use the sequins for another Sonja project though.

6th November 2012: I can't wait to get a job! ahh, I need a job! I want to make this NOW!
I shall be using these silver disc sequins as the armor, because i like the shape better and i hate the look of scalemail.. but if it doesnt work then i shall use scale xD

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 12th November 2012
Ooo Daring, Look forward to seeing this at Expo!

SafiBear avatar

SafiBear - 12th November 2012
So daring, but fierce :D

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 2nd June 2013
Great cosplays. I love Red Sonja. ^_^

SafiBear avatar

SafiBear - 3rd June 2013
Thanks, me too, it felt very empowering :P