Blaine Anderson (Dalton ) - Glee




The blazer was mainly the tricky part of the whole cosplay, perfecting the patch was really hard. I went out to search whether there is anyone selling the 'Dalton Academy - Patch' but I didn't get to see anymore, 'cause some are out of stock and all that. So I tried to do embroidery, but I didn't get to finish, so I just painted it with fabric paint, and it turned out lovely!

The blazer was not hard to find, just go to any store that sells navy/royal blue blazers and that's that, of course, I had to get some red fabric? well yeah, and I had the help of my mother to buy these things for me, as well as the expensive buttons = D = and so on, My mother did do all the work, but that's good of her.

Now, I somewhat just need to get myself some grey trousers and some boys school shoes, and maybe I CAN WORK THIS OUT.

Also, for a tip, every little detail counts. I used a picture of Blaine [of course] and if you look closely, his shirt is not open, so I'm planning on on buying something like that, and just adding the little buttons on the corners.

The Tie was not hard to find really? but I'm more of a retail person, 'cause I like seeing it and I can't order online 'cause.... I'm underage and that -___-
So, Tie Rack is actually a good place, I got mine on sale.

Also, I plan on going to the expo, looking like a Blaine, which will be difficult, because I have really light eyebrows, and his one is thiccccckkkk! so funny part is that I have to get myself a haircut and just grab the hair on the floor and stick that on my eyebrows and on my sideburns.

Now Make up, something I need to do, and it will be so challenging to just imitate a person's face. I have a very round face, so I have to do contouring around my face, especially on my flat nose. Darren has really thick lashes, so mascara that shit! and flawless skin, so some cooncealer and foundation would do. and his lips are somewhat long, so I have to give my self a stretch with lip liner - D -

To be honest, I don't know why I'm going through all these, but then I just love it basically. I love Glee, Blaine and that. :) It'll be a blast and it really is worth it.



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Progress Journal

30th September 2012


The trousers I just bought are like 16 years!!! And I'm 2 years under that, and it still didn't fit! .__. It does... But it's so difficult to close and sit with it on. It's a muscle spasm.

And my blazer doesn't fit me properly ; __ ; not anymore... A crisis!!! I can't close it without it looking all so tight! It looks fine open, though...... D: stiiiiillll!!!!!

And I still look like myself with all the make up - I need to improve my contouring - D - I'm just watching dope2111 in YouTube to see her process on imitating a celebrity.... It helps , ___ , *nguroon*

I'll include a spazticated picture of me ......