Nate Mitotsudaira (School Uniform) - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere

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This is probably the big one for Minamicon 19. Well a friend suggested the series to me and of course I have to pick the knight type character with the big hair as my favourite but then again I'm not really gifted in certain areas to pull off some of the others but Neito/Nate is my favourite character (though I do admit I am very fond of Elizabeth too) so it all works out! Plus the show is pretty awesome once you get into it.

Yes the wig is going to be a challenge and a half (though it won't be accurate accurate. I would have to be either completely mad or have access to a wig factory to pull that one off). I'd like to do her knight attire one day but for the moment I want to do the school uniform. Because hey they're pretty snazzy and unique for a uniform. Though I half want to make that awesome jacket and I like sewing lycra so yeah. Why not? Thoguh I hopefully want to make the 'Argenteés Chaînes' as well (albeit shortened. Don't really want to injure people/break props) .

Will also be taking to Ayacon as well...if I can get the wig across London.


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