Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)





I'm going to be wearing the blue outfit that Lizzie gives him on his birthday. I'm choosing this outfit because it was the one I like the most and the ruffles will make me look like a guy more, as well as the looseness. I'm going to wear it to ACen 2013 in May. I am still gathering the money for it and looking for the right fabrics and stitching patterns. His blue ring is currently in the process of being made and I'm afraid I may have to buy his gold ring because it has Ciel's family crest on it and I am not that good with clay. And advise for this costume, please tell me.
As for the picture, that is not my costume, I take no credit for it, it is simply the outfit of his I am choosing to wear.


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