Kusanagi ((Solider) Fanart) - Ghost in the Shell





As I may have said in my previous planning of Kusanagi's Movies form that I aboslutly Love this Anime. It's so much fun to watch since it is so intresting. Anyway, this is some fanart I found one day doing some random searchs on google images and I found the perfect fanart cosplay to try out since I know loads of people do the actual anime cosplays, but I think not many people will do fanart cosplays.

So heres my plan of this cosplay. I'm going to have to find some sort of black solider cosplay suit to wear with a hat..I'm not sure how to find that, if you guys know where then please PM me. For the wig I'll just use my Rukia Kuchiki wig if I end up doing that cosplay and I think I'll be doing the regular Kusanagi cosplay first from the movie.


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