Susan Sto Helit - Discworld


Marking as complete, even though I'm still not 100% decided on the wig

Susan is one of my favourite book characters of all time. I read Soul Music when i was younger, and I've adored Susan ever since. SO when Crazedteensie suggested a Discworld cosplay group, I just HAD to nab Susan before anyone else!

This cosplay will be my own design based on some fanarts I've seen and from her book description.

Overdress is made from a balck suiting fabric that has sparkly thread running through it, with sleeves and front panels made from a sparkly embroidered lycra knit. My aim with the fabric choices was smart, but with a bit of reluctant fanciness. Still debating whether to incorporate some pink or not XD

Cloak made by Crazedteensie

The wig I used for Manchester was on loan from Crazedteensie. It was based on a thing I once saw somewhere on the internet where Susan got really annoyed with her hair showing her emotions that she briefly hacked it all off.

The group!
Crazedteensie- Rincewind
Rudeth - Ponder Stibbons
Madamelapin- Moist von Lipwig
Tinfoil as Death

*postponed til Manchester*

rudeth posted on 28 August, 2012 - 17:04
Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! This will be win.

puzzledpenguin posted on 3 November, 2012 - 22:51
Amazing! It's great to see Discworld cosplays, looking forward to seeing it when you're finished. :-)

TheStarlightFairy posted on 4 November, 2012 - 00:03
Thank you! Yes, Discworld needs more cosplay love! I'm really excited about this group!

Siouxsie James posted on 25 November, 2012 - 22:44
That looks beautiful so far!!

Littlegeeky posted on 26 August, 2013 - 22:26
You look so beautiful hun! Such a stunning cosplay :D

InfiniteJester posted on 27 August, 2013 - 08:46
Oh wow this looks so nice! I'm about to start reading this series so no idea on the character but looks cool!

TheStarlightFairy posted on 27 August, 2013 - 22:03
aaah thank you <3 @IJ OMG YOU MUST LET ME KNOW HOW YOU GET ON WITH THE BOOKS (my favourites are Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music)

ArcaneArchery posted on 10 August, 2014 - 19:39
Fantastic costume and it’s great to see a whole group of Discworld cosplayers together like this. I’ve only ever seen individual Rincewind and Death cosplayers before.

2nd November 2012

Almost done

Skirt is now attached to the bodice, so all I need to do is add more trimming to the skirt hem and make some sleeves! Mungojerrie is kindly lending me her white wig, so I shall buy some black extensions. AND THEN I WILL BE DONE. LIKE 2 MONTHS EARLY. OOPS.

31st October 2012


Bodice is almost finished, just need to do the eyelets and sleeves. Skirt is in the process of being sewn together. I think I may need some more trim for the skirt and sleeves as I thought I'd bought the same type as some I already had. It was not the same :/

16th October 2012


Last week I bought some fabric, and today I bought some trimmings The fabric is loooovely, but not fancy. For the most part of the overdress, I have a suiting fabric that has shimmery stuff running though it. I have a beautiful embroidered stretch knit for the sleeves and front panels of the top. The best part is, both fabrics and the trimmings have cost me just under £10. Get in.

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