Mato Kuroi
Black Rock Shooter Anime

Cosplayer: Limegreenjelly

Variant: Black Rock Shooter

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th January 2013: Fight like you've never fought before Jacket is half way getting completed, was not looking forward to it but has been quite pleasurable experience. Gone majority of the bias tape on, got to grab some white zips before I can do anymore to it. Might need to be taken in a little on the side, but we will see once everything been sewn glued together. Once all that is done the final piece is the hood and the buckle on the front of the jacket. happy days. Cyanide is still currently working on the cannon. A lot of work still to be done.

16th January 2013: Gun bullets fly through the air OK, I give up on buying shorts on Ebay, first lot of shorts was too small, waited for a replacement they havent arrived. Back up pair was delivered and they were still 2" too small even though they stated they were a size 14. So using different fabric to PVC (The same leather I'm using for the jacket) I will be making my own pair of shorts. Just fed of of spending a lot of money on shorts that don't fit. As you can see though the boots have been completed and the gun is in progress. Made my boyfriend's Kaito coat so its now onto mine. I'm absolutely dreading it ... EEP!

10th January 2013: Looking at your opponent square in the eyes Having trouble with the shorts at the moment, so has purchased a back up pair of shorts just in case I never see the replacement ones for the others. Started on the boots and need to make the white bias tape straight and neat on the boots.
Got some leather to start making both Black Rock Shooter coats. Making Black Rock Kaito first then my own jacket, as mine is more complex. Still unsure about the cutting of the wig, so going to take another look nearer the time to see what I can do to fix it to make it look better

23rd November 2012: The begining has begun, time to step up and fight Originally was going to use PVC for the coat, however Asten gave me some really nice light weight leatherette off cuts for my gloves and boots. It was incredibly easy to sew and cut to shape, so will be using this material for both coats. Once they have been finished I will be using a high gloss shoe polish to create the shiny effect that PVC has. Need to grab the bias tape more but made the cuffs to the gloves. Got boot tops still to make.

13th November 2012: Waiting for the right time shorts have arrived but are too small so waiting on a replacement pair before I send the other pair off to be returned. they were perfect but way too small as they didn't customize them for me.

got the boots and made some progress on the soles of them waiting on some leather to finish the flaps up, and also I need to buy 25+ metres of white satin bias tape xD

Gloves have arrive and again waiting on leather to attach and make her flaps on them. Other than that it will be the construction of the coat for her. I'm really dreading it

5th November 2012: When the time comes I keep buying things for this costume, just getting too motivated to wear it now I think xD Finally got the boots and been doing the details of the platforms today, will be tackling the tops of the boots at a later date before polishing it all with gloss polish.
Looking into materials for the cannon with Asten and I think the last piece that will be the coat. Going to make kaito's BRS coat first then going to attempt mine as its more detailed. Its exciting!!

5th October 2012: The trouble that lies ahead I thought shorts would be easy enough to do.... I was wrong, scraped them in an hour or so of starting them. Brought some nice custom one off of Ebay :) and have now cut and styled the gorgeous wig that has arrived. Boots are on watch, I've watched a few pairs but these seem to be the ones that always stuck out to me. Asten has the belts for me and gloves I'm still looking for a good pair. Working on the coat next year so i got a couple of months to figure it out and work on it slowly to get all the details right on it. Asten has found a tutorial on the gun, and informs me he will be gather supplies for it in January.

16th September 2012: The Beginnings Brought the bikini top and its now been modified to suit BRS. Gloves on watch as well as wig. Brought the black collar she wears and keeping an eye on some very snazzy boots for her. Gun is being made by Asten. Hopefully start work on making the shorts once I get interfacing and draw up a new waistband for them.

Can't wait to wear all my things together. The PVC is going to be a bitch to work with but I am up for the challenge. Making the TV series costume as the normal black rock shooter is too plain for my liking.

I should have wig, gloves, bikini top, boots and collar all done before this year is out next year will be working carefully to make the jacket complete, finished correctly and accurate.

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 25th August 2012
Oooooh these versions look really interesting. will have to watch the anime and see them in action ^_^

HowlingSilverWolf avatar

HowlingSilverWolf - 25th January 2013
Looking totally epic, cannot wait to see it finished!! :)

Tsupo avatar

Tsupo - 6th February 2013
I can't wait to see your BRS finished!!

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 12th March 2013
Woooow you look absolutely amazing!! I hope I can go to May Expo to get the chance to see this in person, you make a fantastic BRS!

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 12th March 2013
Oh my gosh! You look amazing!! <3 The entire outfit is sewn so neatly and that cannon! *_* I'm left speechless!

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 13th March 2013
Aaaah you look so awesome!!!! *___*

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 13th March 2013
Steph you look so hot! This is badass! Easily one of my fave costume of yours!!!!

flamewizo avatar

flamewizo - 1st April 2013
Don;t know the series very well but this looks amazing :D

KhaosKreator avatar

KhaosKreator - 2nd June 2013
Sweet work on such a massive prop!