Dwarf Origins Aeducan/ Brosca (Both Noble (Aeducan) and Commoner (Brosca)) - Dragon Age Origins




* Note: Icon pic is not my actual character - but it's very close. I've got the game on Xbox and don't know how to do screenshots on it (can you?) >.<

I've been obsessed with Dragon Age for a while, and I've been itching to make craft foam armor too. With my height and stature, cosplaying my DA:O Dwarf(s) made logical sense :3

I don't have to do much make up/ hair wise - Need to straighten my hair and do a two braids at the front. Done. As for make up, eye liner worked fantastically for the casteless brand and a combo of brown and black pencil eyeliners work great for a dirty, thiefy look. Depending on my mood, I can also do the noble tattoos using face paint and make my self look "cleaner". Two characters in one! (ish)

As for the armor, it will be made of craft foam and be that sort of umber/ shale colour like in the game. As it's for a rogue character, it will be leather armor. I'm a bit nervous considering my tummy's going to be on show - but I've got a few months to lose enough comfortable weight.

Quite lucky on the weapon's front because I've already go LARPing short swords and daggers - win!

For finishing touches I may (or may not) do the trade mark DA blood splatters. Not sure yet. I may also get some form of gold earring to show she romanced Zevran or bring a rose to show she romanced Alistair.

Unfinished, but will post pics as soon as it is!


Isabela posted on 24 August, 2012 - 19:48
Make-up looks great! Can't wait to see the full costume :)