Miran Froaude (Colonel) - The Legend of the Legendary Heroes





Raye-chan posted on 17 September, 2012 - 21:32
Miran - gives me tingles XD

SlimDefinition posted on 17 September, 2012 - 21:35
He's creepy but in a very sexy way! Oh yes!

Progress Journal

2nd September 2012

Wig styled

I have now styled Miran's wig. I have not started on the long tunic (bought as a dress coat) though. I need to buy a few other things for him, and do some other modifications as well.

The wig has gone well, despite having to cut it at straight horizontal angles. I find it much easier to cut and feather up and down. Miran's hair has his fringe, bangs and the longest lengths cut straight across. This proved to be a little more tricky.

25th August 2012


So I'm already putting my cosplay of Miran together. I'm focusing on Amano Faris as I do this, but his costume is really quite simple. I just need to buy the parts and modify them to suit, and style the wig when it arrives.

Currently bought: wig and the long tunic (actually a dress coat but it works well despite being another rather warm piece of clothing).
Next time I get paid, I'll buy more bits for Amano Faris, and a few more things for him as well if I can, such as: leggings, the sash and the cravat.