Cosplayer: Annakajima

Variant: Female form

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

10th September 2012: Hell Yea Well not such a bad thing after all.

Undoing all the work I had done (which took 3 days to make and 1 hour to destroy), turns out to be a good thing. I wouldn't have liked the rib stitch bodice, not only did it not look right but would have been far too big.

Instead, I was inspired by a sideways knit bodice, I've knit pac-man hats sideways before (Pictured for lolz) and it means I can make hats on straight needles which I much prefer. Double pointed and circular needles are great for making toys and knitting without sewing up, there's something comforting about doing it on straight needles.

So it was structures with two front panel, knitting upwards and structured to cover the girls, then the back I picked up stitches along the sides of one panel, knitted it along, picking up stitches from the bottom, then once I was all done I knitted it into the other panel.

I haven't described it well but believe me, it looks perfect.

Now I'm working on the straps, I'm knitting them in a weird style that will take longer but they'll be nice and sturdy, then I can move onto starting the wig!

7th September 2012: Nooooooo So finished the last half foot of rib stitch and then tested it out.

I left far too many stitches on so it was massive, got in a huff and tried to see if I could do a work around. I could have doubled up the sides but it wouldn't have been right.

Bad thing about knitting, if it's wrong you can't just cut the extra cloth off, you have to undo all the stitches


Well, I'll manage, I've given myself the rest of the month to finish this one and I'm ahead of schedule, just hoping that the changes I make work cos it took me an hour to undo it all

Keeping happy though

2nd September 2012: Skirt Progress So a solid week of knitting, two seasons of buffy and really sore fingers and I've completed the main body of the skirt.

I was worried to begin with, I cast on 330 stitches and the first skein of yarn only lasted for about 4 inches. I haven't written down a particular pattern but with the amount of knitting I've done I know how I want this to look and the design is sort of flowing through nicely.

The picture is from when I went through 5/10 balls of yarn, really pleased how long it is and how BIG as well, it's going to look amazing.

The yarn I bought had sequins sewn into the fibres so when I walk it'll look glittery and pretty!

I went from 330 stitches to 204 over the course of the skirt construction, reduced every 10 stitches every 5-6 inches or so.

Now that it reaches my waist I've stopped using the 12mm yarn and now use 6mm. My plan is to create a rib stitch that was hug my torso and knit that until it reaches my under-bust.

Plans beyond that are to cast off, pick up stitches in the correct area and make a halter neck top that will sit underneath a green bodice/cardi that will include the sleeves.

Once the skirt is done I'm going to do the wig - I decided to knit it but I have to do it on Double pinned needles and research the constructions - it's going to be massively tough but if it goes well I'm really excited by the whole effect!

24th August 2012: Yarnorific Hurrah, the yarn has arrived - 10 skiens of Aria and 8 skiens of the green

The green was really hard to pin down, I really wanted to nail the colour perfectly and the colour I got I'm pretty pleased with.

At the moment it looks like a lot of yarn, hopefully it'll last, otherwise I'll have to order more! What a shame.

I'm going to start on the skirt first - use 12mm needles so the thin yarn will create a lace effect, I want the skirt to be light a floaty like Gardevoir is, giving the illusion of floating along. Like Morticia!!

I'll be keeping it all in my lovely picnic basket my husband bought me so hopefully the cat won't get at it!