Ariel - The Little Mermaid




I've always loved the little mermaid, and I have grown into a obsessed knitter. Combining two loves wasn't as hard as I thought

I knitted the main aspects of the costumes and bough a few minor accessories!

The clam shell bra was a strapless bra bought from Primark, the clams were knitted separately using chunky purple yarn (Wool 50%, Acrylic 50%) then sewn onto the bra.

The "tail" was a combination of green footless small fishnet tights from Primark (again!) and the body of the tail was a loosly knitted wrap skirt.

The skirt was made from Persia Yarn (Wool 52%, Acrylic 43%, Nylon 6%) the colour was faberge and I knitted it on two separate needle sizes, the object being that the thin yarn on large needles would make it light, long and simple.

Finished with a red wig, I was really pleased with the outcome of this project, my first full knitted cosplay.

It didn't take too long thanks to using chunky yarn and large needles, this gave me the idea for my next project too!

Wearing it was a challenge (body conscious!) but my husband was on hand to look after me.


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