Ichigo Kurosaki (Full hollow) - Bleach




Ichigo's fully hollofied form, appeared in his battle with Uliquiora.


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Progress Journal

2nd April 2013


After deciding that the paper mache mixed with tissue paper has a fail, I'fe looked for another way to make a hard smooth surface. As such, I'm now covering the whole mask in clay. So far its making a nice hard surface I can then sand down.

20th November 2012

Mask details

Next up is making the details on the mask, such as the teeth and more defined nose. This is all achieved by soaking tissue in PVA diluted in water, and then molded into shape on the mask. This took one hell of a time drying. Also cut the lower part of the mask off in order to create a moving jaw.

20th November 2012

The Mask

So first and foremost, I need to make a mask. This has been the most rewarding and fun part of the process, becausee it involves getting messy with PVA glue and tissue paper. After making a base out of card board, that was then covered in glue and newspaper. The whole thing was then covered with tissue paper and left to dry for a long time.