Kamina (Dieing ) - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Amecon 2012


Wow So i actually like this makeshift cosplay... YES ITS SPOILERS!!!!!!... but i felt all the feels cosplaying this...

so basicly this was done for a lolipop chainsaw shoot and i really wanted to do a cool zombie and i was like WHOS DEAD AND EPIC.... ROW ROW FIGHT DEH POWAA!!!!!.. so i perked up the wig got meh flag and finnished the trousers and shoes and bloodied myself up...

So much praise goes to emi the photographer because she made this costume actually look cool.. what i now need is to update it with more blood and gore but for now im happy... Really was a lot of fun cosplaying him as i could act like a zombie and act badass

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