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Progress Journal

20th August 2012


So here's a quick test of the wig and contact lenses :)

the contacts are really nice haha except I can still see my brown eyes slightly but they are very comfortable and the colour is great :)

The contacts are from Pinky paradise

19th August 2012

Contact lenses

So Miku has bright blue eyes in the way i see her haha so I have got the Venus Eye Aqua for Miku since my eyes are brown I need them to be blue haha ^^

19th August 2012

Items I have

So I decided to a steampunk Miku hatsune Hehehe Im so excited I will do a draw out a sketch of the costume soon ^^

So the items I have for the outfit:
Brown WaistCoat
Underbust Corset
White Shirt
Brown Leather Shorts
Brown Bustle
Black over knee socks
Brown Leather boots :)