Sister Paula (artbook) - Trinity Blood


AmeCon 2006

Winner at amecon 2006 cosplay competition (I dont know what place though!)


Keith was cosplaying Abel Nightroad, and I diddnt want to be left out. I saw the image of sister paula in the artbook and really wanted to do it. Now I want to do 2 more trinity blood cosplays >_<

Amy-Lou posted on 4 November, 2007 - 21:28
I remember seeing you at ame, you looked brilliant! I'd just seen my first Trinity Blood art pics that month so it was stuck in my head as ultimate cosplay. Seeing this costume made my jaw hit the floor, the detail is crazy and it's so eye-catching. That's a hardcore three days.

Mighty Odango posted on 30 May, 2008 - 16:19
I love this costume so much! You looked so sexy and stern in it. I have a couple more photos of it, I think - I'll send them to you at some point.

Sephirayne posted on 24 September, 2008 - 03:59
Awesome costume. You look so stunning in it. I love the deatils.

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