Nunnally Lamperouge
Code Geass

Cosplayer: CrystalCharmer

Variant: School Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 6th December 2012
You look so beautiful hun.

CrystalCharmer avatar

CrystalCharmer - 6th December 2012
;333; Thank you, sweetheart...! <3 *hugs*

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 25th March 2013
Looking very good thus far!

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 25th March 2013
^O^ Awwwwww... You wook adowable as Nunnally.

CrystalCharmer avatar

CrystalCharmer - 2nd April 2013
@Carmina: Aww thank you so much, hun! <3 :3 I hope it'll come together well on the day!
@Ashy-kun: ^///^ Heee thank you so much for saying so! <3

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 1st October 2013
So lovely!

CrystalCharmer avatar

CrystalCharmer - 1st October 2013
^///^ Thank you so much! <3

DevilChestnut avatar

DevilChestnut - 1st October 2013
I knew you'd make a cute Nunnally! So happy I finally got to take brother Lelouch pictures with you! You were just adorable all day. <3

CrystalCharmer avatar

CrystalCharmer - 1st October 2013
@DevilChestnut: ^///^ Thank you, hun! <3 It was an honour and I had so much fun so I'd happily do it again whenever you wanted! Best big brother ever!