Chie Satonaka - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4





I wanna cosplay everyone from Persona 4! I love the game :D
I have no idea when to wear this, I kinda just found everything cheap and made it for fun whilst watching stuff and now I have a completed cosplay with no idea when to wear it. Oops.
Group? :)

I bought the base jacket on eBay fairly cheaply. Then just bought the relevant coloured cotton jersey and hand stitched it on using a back stitch.

The skirt I already had from my Rise cosplay.
Shoes were also from my Rise cosplay.
Socks I already owned from Primark.
Wig bought from someone else, no idea where it was from originally.

Easiest cosplay ever :)


Solaria posted on 17 August, 2012 - 14:59
Like i said Yukiko will join you <3 And youre welcome to borrow my wig :D <3

Raye-chan posted on 25 August, 2012 - 15:34
P4 FTW! Love that game and can't wait for the anime to come out on DVD at Christmas :) I plan on doing Yokiko's Persona at some point ^^

TheStarlightFairy posted on 10 July, 2013 - 23:58
Yes! You're such a cute Rise, I can;t wait to see you as a kick-ass Chie! (speaking of Rise, I'll be glad to dig out my own cosplay of her for Persona babes pics if you want? )

CrystalNeko posted on 11 July, 2013 - 00:16
Thank you guys ;; I actually have no plans whatsoever when to wear Chie. I'm just making her because I'm bored of pattern making atm and can't start my new cosplays without working things out :'D Let me know wheneveeeeer when people fancy Persona-ing it up again! Got the wig and nearly the costume done now :)

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Progress Journal

14th July 2013

Costume Test

The wig needs a trim but hey, here's what the whole costume looks like!

It is far too hot to put on the shorts as I literally just put the costume over what I was wearing now and then flung it off because it's just too hot!

I think I suit Rise more OTL.

Next Persona 4 cosplay: Yukiko? XD

EDIT: The camera totally mirrored the image - hence why the fringe is going the wrong way :P
EDIT 2: The camera also darkened everything - I swear the jacket is actually a bright green.

14th July 2013

Jacket complete take 2

False alarm, forgot about the little zipper detail. I cba to go out and buy zips or create pockets, so I just stitched on the detailing \o/

Time Taken: 40mins

14th July 2013

Jacket 100%

Yay! Only took an hour for the last stripe. Probably because I wasn't trying to hand sew in the dark whilst lying down on the sofa this time \o/ The things we do to try and be lazy.

I have the skirt, wig, shoes and socks already so am gonna call this complete! I just need the badges which I will find in my own time eventually.

Time Taken: 1hr

12th July 2013

Jacket 85%

Just one more stripe left to sew on! I've just pinned it for now as I am tired and each stripe takes me around 2hrs because I am slow and like to watch stuff at the same time. I'm in no mood to watch stuff anymore and just want my bed so I guess the remainder will be done when I move house :'D

I also cba to go put the jacket on the mannequin. The sofa is so comfy...

Time Taken: 4hrs

10th July 2013

Jacket 50%

Honestly this has taken me absolutely ages because I am really slow at hand sewing. And this is why I don't hand sew that often.

Alas I was pretty bored and fancied a lazy day but I can't just sit around and watch TV doing nothing all day but that's exactly what I fancied doing. So I decided to make a start on my Chie cosplay whilst watching a lot of Adventure Time, Eden of the East and the Apprentice ahahaa... My life people...

Time Taken: 5-6hrs

Still got the front panels to do, the side stripes alone took 5-6hrs =_____=;

Cba to move or turn on the chandelier lights for better lighting. I have been plonked on this sofa with the little lamp on since it started getting darker aha :')