Aisaka Taiga (Summer + Winter uniform ver.) - ToraDora!!




This was a very last minute thing that I purchased for a shoot at a friend's house. I just bought the wig and winter uniform from cosplayfu and off I went. I must say though, I was quite disappointed...they initially sent the wrong size, and when I inquired into exchanging it, they refused, so I ended up having to buy the costume twice.. /cry. The quality of the costume was poor, as well, since I lost two of the buttons the first time I wore it. The wig wasn't great either, since it tangled extremely easily and wouldn't brush out without losing the curls and having to recurl it. So really, I spent about USD220 just on the first costume and wig. NOT my wisest move, going with a more "professional" seller than eBay!! For the socks and shoes, I bought some school socks from the local seller for like £2 (which is about 3 bucks), and a pair of white tennis shoes from Primark for £4 (about 6).
I then bought a new wig to replace my twice-worn-yet-disgustingly-tangled-beyond-repair wig. This was about USD40 (rough estimate, I don't work in dollars 8D) from eBay including shipping. It has since been worn three times, not including the time spent bumming around the house in it, and it's not severely tangled, matted, far so good, eBay! The uniform that fits has been repaired and taken in a little bit, so it's now to my liking, but the smaller version is still sitting in my unloved.. ;-;
I bought Taiga back for the second day of MCM Expo, May 2012. I was going to wear the winter uniform, but something like 3 days before the con, England suffered a massive heatwave - it was like 30 degrees celcius, which is really unusual for May in the UK, and needless to say, everyone who'd planned dark-coloured/heavy cosplays for our typical May weather started freaking out, myself included. So I decided, 2 days til expo, to throw together the summer uniform. I used the winter uniform skirt, that was fine, along with a new pair of tennis shoes and trainer socks, again from Primark (my only cosplay supplier, lol ;D). I dug out one of my logo-less(?) school shirts, and tied the black ribbon from the winter ver. around the collar. My only issue was the vest: where was I gonna get a yellow knitted sleeveless pullover, in early summer, without trawling eBay? So my grandmother (saviour omg) stepped forward and gave me an unworn /white/ cotton vest which was basically the exact same style, just the wrong material and colour. And with that realization, she ran out to the craft store and came back with a packet of yellow fabric dye, and dyed it for me while I was at school that day - what a babe~! 8D
And that's..basically it! It's not been "easy", per se, but it's been experience 8D


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