Peregrine Mendicant (Bec Mendicant? ) - Homestuck

In Progress

AyaCon 2013




Wearing the WIP version to Nanashi in October but going to have the full version finished by Ayacon 2013 = Damn it's gonna be hot D:

I was originally going to go with the traditional fursuit making method of foam, balaclava and hot glue but after burning myself repeatedly, cutting my fingers and developing somewhat of a phobia to the feel of foam, I've opted for a resin base instead.

Whilst I'd love to get into resin bases at some point, I've commissioned the lovely Kuruano (on FA) for a Resin base which will be ready for me to fur.
I love furring things :3 Especially shaving the fur.

Right opinion time though - name;
See I don't like just refering to her as Peregrine Mendicant as I like to distinguish her forms. So far I've seen Bec Blanche, Bec Mendicant and a few others being tossed around; what works best iyo?



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