Plan 1211 Alastor (Ful armor version) - Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

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Mask (active) base

Alastor full body ref

Alastor face



After the Armor tutorial at Amecon I have decided to attempt the Alastor Full armor version hopefully for the May Expo 2013. These miniturised AS's serve as Leonard Testarossa's bodyguards in Full Metal Panic the second raid, and the light novels. I wished to attempt something more advanced than the cloth costumes I have been constructing and originally planned to do a mask only version, but due to some pointers I recieved and a influx of enthusiasm I decided to go the whole hog!
The most difficult parts I believe are going to be the Head (whigh I will be making from scratch) and the chest plate. If construction permits I may even add the LEDs for the head too, but that is time and construction permitting.
I am hoping this will give me a firm grasp of armor construction and the various materials and methods.


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Progress Journal

Successes and setbacks (Posted 15th September 2012)

the past week has proved fruitfull with the LED waterproofing rig being attached into place, the spraying of the mask, top plate construction, mesh construction and the painting of gloves. Unfortunately circumstances exterior to the world of cosplay and poorly concieved words have annihilated a vast portion of enthusiasm for many things along side my projects, I need to restart my work ASAP, so perhaps hermit myself in solitude so I can work in peace may be in order.

Top mask and lighting (Posted 6th September 2012)

Superb, the top mask thanks to a little help with how best to progress with it is shaping up nicely, and the LED rigging is now complete and sealed in a waterproof housing. Also at work I come across a flash of inspiration, instead of solid plates on the front of the neck I could stitch either ribbon or fabric onto the base material to give the desired effect.

Wetsuit base (Posted 2nd September 2012)

Ha the wetsuit from Amazon fits like a glove this is going to prove to be the perfect base for the whole armor. The snags, I can see myself heating up in this very quickly and it seems to like to strangle me a bit ^.^'

Gloves issue solved (Posted 27th August 2012)

After a lot of umming and ahh ing I Have found the ideal gloves for the costume and It didnt even cost a penny! I stumbled upon my old paintball kit when having a clearout, sufice to say 'I can use them' immediately sprung to mind, with a little paint and adjustments they will do nicely.

Materials test (Posted 18th August 2012)

After a long day I finally settled dorwn to do a thorough materials test of the bare bones PVC Foamboard for the outfit, having never used this substance before I was quite pleased with the results. It certainly seems to have the rigidity and structure required, and seems to be quite flexible as well when heated. Now Its time to start putting together components for the head.