Costume :Shinji Ikari
Variant :School Uniform
Source :Neon Genesis Evangelion
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Minamicon 15 (2009)

Costume Photos

3 of the Children

On the Stairs

Guess i won't be meeting miss Misato...

Shinji's First drink

Shinji and Asuka

Shinji Trainer Reference

Shinji 2000 edition

Hair Clips

Nerv ID Badge


Costume Information

Cost : £8.84

Well strictly speaking i've cosplayed Shinji before, but that was 8 years ago, and i've learned a lot more about cosplaying since then.

Presides this makes up a bit for not doing Gendo for a 3rd Minami Con running.

Update 23/03/09:
Well my friend Harriet is making me the neural receptor hair clips;though i may still invest in the neural receptor hair clips i've previously seen on HLJ.


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and i got in the way of the shopping and made a big mess

by Defrain on Wednesday, 11 February, 2009 - 21:09
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Did you?
I don't remember that. :S

Anyway, i mustn't run away, i mustn't run away, i mustn't run away.....

by eva_fan on Wednesday, 11 February, 2009 - 21:14
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Chris, you were saying in your journal entry about the red trim, etc.

You could use electrical tape - it'll stick on, cuts to shape easily enough, and isn't permanent. Comes in the colours you need too.

by jaydrive on Friday, 13 February, 2009 - 20:15
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Oh now there's a thought jay.....
Might look into that.

by eva_fan on Wednesday, 18 February, 2009 - 14:41
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Cant wait to see the shoes to go with Shinji ^_^ it should work well all together ^^

by Mothfox on Monday, 23 March, 2009 - 23:21


Trainers Are Done (Posted 23rd March 2009)

Well i painted the star inside a pale blue circle pattern onto the trainers (though i had a cock-up along the way).

Anyway here it is; the Sistine Chapel it ain't, but it'll serve my purposes.
you can also see in this photo my test to see how well covering the red banding round the edges with white tape. I'll do a better job of the tape in time for the convention.

Costume essentials (Posted 11th February 2009)

Well i picked up the bits needed to get today in Primark, for the princely sum of £6.85.

So that's the pale blue t-shirt and a pair of white canvas trainers.
The trainers have a red trim to them (meh ¬_¬) but at least that's a closer match than me just wearing my Doc Martins. I might even try and paint on the blue circles with the yellow stars onto them.