Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII v2.0 (Coronation Dress) - Final Fantasy IX



Final Fantasy IX was my favourite game as a kid and has remained my favourite FF game throughout the years, ever since I started cosplay Garnet's coronation dress has always been a dream cosplay. And I made it back in May 08! However I wasn't very pleased with it and knew I could do better now that I know what I'm doing, so I decided to go crazy and remake it! And that's the biggest mistake I've ever made in my cosplaying life.......

I used a McCalls pattern for the bodice and extended it to make it a one piece, then I changed the top so that it made a 'V' shape. The overdress took pretty much half the time to embroider - much like my first version of the dress the embroidery design is my own variation because of the unclear FMV clips.

There's a four-hooped skirt with a handmade petticoat sewn on to keep the dress' shape. The underskirt was a pain to drape properly, seriously! It's like I have an inability to hem circles/ovals, I got there eventually but it was still time-consuming and down right annoying. For the fleur-de-lis pattern I made a stencil and used it to paint it on using acrylic [too cheap to buy pots and pots of fabric paint! Acrylic works just as well ohohoho].

The gloves were reused from my old version only they're altered to be more accurate. Arm jewellery were also reused from my old version because I ran out *coughtoolazycough* of time to make new ones.

The crown I made first time round and it didn't fall apart [despite me dropping it accidentally, woops]. It's pleased me, thank God for the creation of craft foam! I used black craft foam as the base and built up the design with model magic which was then painted using acrylics. The crown was then hot glued onto a black headband and chains were also glued on.

The barrette was made from craft foam which was painted with gold acrylic. To attach it to my hair I used a real barrette as a base, glued velcro onto it and also the inside of the craft foam barrette and put the two together! It stays on perfectly~

Waist jewellery and necklace were also reused from my old version! I DID find a more accurate pendant which was only £10, but I honestly didn't want to splash out that much because I know I probably won't rewear this much - much like all my other costumes!

Emzone posted on 4 January, 2009 - 22:41
-stoops- I shall hereby do my best to kidnap you!

Ichigo-Chan posted on 5 January, 2009 - 19:25
I'm sure this will turn out a lot better then mines, so I shall steal your costume lol

Freyarule posted on 4 March, 2009 - 07:13
Whoooo!!! Keep up the great work, I believe in you! <33

Mungojerrie posted on 15 March, 2009 - 00:27
Dear, I think you are crazy but I'm totally looking forward to seeing your remake! XD

Limegreenjelly posted on 21 May, 2009 - 23:35
Congratulations on finshing in time for the expo, I shall try and find you around the expo, this costume shouldnt be that hard to spot :)

Fizzykat posted on 22 May, 2009 - 09:47
wow! amazing work! i can't wait to see this tomorrow!!

sonia_leong posted on 26 May, 2009 - 10:41
Uwaaa!! I saw you running past me as I was heading for lunch! Congrats on finishing it, it looks lovely!!!

Anonymous posted on 26 May, 2009 - 11:57
So pretty! Every time I see this outfit I want to hug you, you look amazing! :)

Charles Sauvage posted on 26 May, 2009 - 12:11
You looked gorgeous, insane for remaking it but definitely well worth it! Im jealous of your skills for making big dresses! Amazing work as always =D

MoonLily posted on 26 May, 2009 - 13:01
You were the most gorgeous garnet! *_*

Ichigo-Chan posted on 26 May, 2009 - 18:58
I LOVE your new Garnet, definitely one of the best Garnet's I've seen in the UK.

Anonymous posted on 26 May, 2009 - 22:47
You looked absolutely stunning as Garnet! You put so much effort into this dress and it came out beautifully~ Wonderful!

MikeJenks posted on 27 May, 2009 - 09:15
You looked amazing as Garnet! :D

Lady Bahamut posted on 27 May, 2009 - 11:55
YOu looked great on the day!!! I have a picture of you if you want it :)

caylithe posted on 7 June, 2009 - 07:33
you made a such a pretty garnet ^^. I was really happy there was so much FFIX love at expo this yr :D

Emzone posted on 8 June, 2009 - 00:16
You were amazing as Garnet 83 Thankyou so much for allowing me to steal you that day =]

letmelive posted on 2 September, 2009 - 11:22
WOW! This is so pretty, you make an awesome Princess Garnet ^___^ Well done xx

TurboJ posted on 3 September, 2009 - 12:18
This really is a beautiful costume. Wish I'd seen you while I was there.

Emzone posted on 2 June, 2010 - 22:20
O God that bazooka XDXDXD Methinks Garnet would have taken over as the main protagonist if she'd had that Was awesome being able to shoot with you properly this time wifu 8D

MadameLapin posted on 4 June, 2010 - 13:03
You looked so beautiful ^^ (It helps thta you already are but it was increased in this stunning costume) I think you're the best Garnet I've seen, hands down <3

NatalieNoodles posted on 4 June, 2010 - 14:50
Awwww it;s nice to see you wearing her more as I think this is one of your best ^_^ You look stunning.

Anonymous posted on 5 June, 2010 - 12:41
You make such an amazing Garnet! I love the dress ^_^

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 10 July, 2010 - 19:03
awww you look so pretty x3 the dress is lovely

- posted on 10 July, 2010 - 23:30
You look so pretty. Really great bunch off photos there too < 3

Frederica la Noir posted on 18 February, 2011 - 21:48
Stunning :3 Beautiful dress <3

NixieThePixie posted on 27 June, 2011 - 19:07
Absolutely beautiful. I love how in one of the photos, Garnet looks really happy whilst Zidane looks bored. Made me smile

SamanthaKaiba posted on 31 August, 2011 - 23:42
This is simply beautiful...but how did you start it? I need to get started on this soon but don't know where to start...I was thinking of using a base dress...what would you recommend? Thanks

Make underskirt
Make overdress
Embroider overdress
Paint fleur-de-lis pattern on underskirt
Make fluer-de-lis stencil
Make crown
Buy new rings
Buy suitable shooooes!
Make barrette
Make petticoat

Total cost: £0.00

24th May 2010

24/05/2010 - Fringe

So here's to see what the fringe looks like... I'll need a real one someday but for this time round, it doesn't matter cause the crown hides the mesh 8D. But for other fringe cosplays... I'll need a real one ;w; AND HERE'S TO SHOW MY NEWLY FIXED CROWN, YEAH BABY YEAH! You better live, version 123780432 8| I need to find the crown chain things... I lost them D8 (That or I might have hacked them up for something else, I dunnoooooo TT^TT) Yeah, reuplaoded this journal again cause I forgot to upload the pic... I also deleted the first one and thought I clicked copy but I didn't... So I retyped this journal as well LOL. I'm such a dorkface 8|

24th May 2010

24/05/2010 - Crown

First of all, Happy Birthday to my friend Maddie! She's not a cosplayer, but I don't care 8D I have a bit of a track record with breaking and remaking Garnet's crown. I've made what, 8 versions now? This one's a bit broken as well, but I thought "NOOO NOT ANOTHER ONE! I ONLY HAVE ONE MODEL MAGIC PACK LEFT, DON'T LET ME PART WITH IT! *clings*" so I decided to save this little one. Especially seeing as it still has some life in it! Some bits had fallen off completely, some were dangling off. I hot glued the dangly pieces back on and glued the snap back together (the whole crown is held together with craft foam which makes it flexible and stable at the same time). However for the pieces that had completely fallen off, I didn't want to cook some pieces of fimo, nor did I want to crack open any air dry clay just for these tiny pieces. So I went for hot glue moulding. I used the same method as the main crown - craft foam backing so that there was a skeleton. Then I slowly melted hot glue over the pieces and wanted for each bit to cool before I went onto the next one so that it looked separate - if they were hot then it would only merge together into one gloop. Here's a picture of the hot glue attempt! Once painted it should blend in nicely ^_^ I don't have a fringe anymore sadly, however I've made myself a clip on fringe from Takuto so I'm going to wear that 8D It fooled tons of people at Midlands, so time to fool tons of people at May 8D GARNET'S BACK PEOPLE! Random note: Dress is too big for me, God dammit I've lost weight 8| Random note 2: The bottom part of the hot glued spike thing looks a bit spazzed up cause the first time, I let it touch the headband when hot... So I redid it... Second time I touched it with my finger and thought to myself "FML 8|"... I couldn't be bothered to do it again so meeeeh XD

20th May 2009

20/05/2009 - More tea consumption

Title is completely irrelevant - but these May Expo costumes seriously have made me drink a helluva lot of tea than I do usually - I'm starting to drink at least a mug or two every day whereas I used to drink none at all >_>; At least it's keeping me awake *thumbs up* So after hours of mindless painting I have finished painting the fleur de lis pattern on the hem of the underskirt. But first, the havock that underskirt has given me! It was far far too long at first, so I cut it - only I cut it too short and now I cannot find that cut piece to sew it back together! SOOOO I tried on my smaller hoop skirt, it sucked and I didn't like it resized because it draped differently. So I sewed on the tulle onto the hoop skirt and tried to somehow fit the underskirt on without showing that it's drastically too short - thankfully after much alterations it fitted. Just don't lift up the overdress LOL! I wouldn't be surprise if I lost 126743280 hairs over this costume X_x; Another thing that's in progress is that barrette, which makes me happy because it's nice and simple to make. YAY! FINALLY A SIMPLE TASK! OH I LOVE SIMPLE TASKS <3 Running around the house looking for my bottle of PVA was not fun though, I never did find it in the end, I settled with sucky fabric glue which worked I guess - I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to dry completely though so it kept sliding whenever I tried painting it lolz. Hot glue would've been far better but I'm too impatient to wait for it to heat up AND I JUST WANT TO REST! Needs more layers of paint, glue velcro on the inside and onto a base barrette then the barrette is dooone! All that's left is to remake the arm armour things, or rather find my old pair. And find those gloves... Long journal is super long - my stream of consciousness gets more rambly when I'm tired and loopy after hours of cosplay work xD; Time Taken - 3-4hrs P.S. YG&T magazines came VERY handy in the end - it has lovely thick paper which makes amazing stencils ohohoho. Those magazines were good afterall! :D But alas even though the stencils were good I still spilled paint underneath - will tidy it up when I can be bothered with some good ol' white acrylic.

14th May 2009

14/05/2009 - Embroidery completed

{First of all, Happy birthday Izzy! xD} AHAHAHA! I OWN YOU STUPID DRESS! Managed to get the embroidery all done and dusted. I did it spread out throughout two weeks probably - my neck and back will never be the same ever again... And because I need to collapse no pictures today, sorry! xD Time Taken - Well over 10hrs!!

26th April 2009

26/04/2009 - More embroidery....

Well at least the bodice is pretty much finished! [Just gotta change the thread on the machine and do a running stitch down the middle - can't be bothered to do it by hand xD] I am such a low embroiderer, it's taken me another disc of Ouran just to do the other half of the bodice! RAWR! I'm glad it's over though! Just gotta sew through metres of endless leaves for the hem... not fun! I also gotta figure out how to get rid of the pencil markings... might just go with simple soap and water 8D; Because attempting to rub it off with both friction from my fingers and a normal rubber does not work >_<; Time Taken - 2hrs??? P.S. GOD DAMNIT IT'S STILL TOO BIG FOR ME! Luckily I haven't lined it yet so that lining should make it smaller 8'D P.S.S. The embroidery is not symmetrical... that seriously annoys me but I'm not THAT OTT that I'll go over it again >_>;;

25th April 2009

26/04/2009 - Start of embroidery

Sigh, I regret the day I decided "MY OLD COSTUME SUCKED, LETS REMAKE IT! 8D" >_>; It's the stupidest thing I've ever done in my time of cosplay! But alas I've made that decision and I'm not going back because I have to admit - the dress looks so much better and it's far more accurate than my first attempt. But the embroidery still kills. I managed to get that V shape the dress has, yay! I decided not to fill in the leaves like I did with my previous dress mainly because I didn't know what to fill them in with! I didn't want to do swirls like I did last time so I just left them empty, they look alright anyway and a lot of other Garnet cosplayers just leave them blank. However I couldn't help but add swirls to the bottom leaves because they were big leaves and looked too plain!! Using an embroidery hoop is so hard... it gets in the way! But I need it so that the embroidery is tight - sometimes I don't use it though haha! I need to get a move on, I wish I had an embroidery machine for this job - it'd make life so much easier LOL! [We actually do but I don't know how to use it -_-; The God of Cosplay LOVES making me do things the hard way...] Time Taken: God knows xD Let's see *tries to calculate time taken in head* roughly 1-2hrs? I got through quite a lot of anime doing this!! And because I deleted my previous journals have a cost list: Rings - £2 each so that's £4 altogether Embroidery thread - £2 Boning - £1.50 Chains - £3 P.S. I had my haircut! I have Garnet bangs and a fringe now! Hopefully when May comes my fringe will grow out so that I can get it into a Garnet hairstyle ^_^ I'd love to just use a wig but what's the point when I can just use my own hair? I'm not getting a wig just for a fringe LOL Nor am I paying £10 for clip on extensions sigh... P.S.S. I dropped my crown a few weeks ago -_-; IT'S SAFE THOUGH! AHAHAHAHA! Craft foam kept it together <3 Need to repaint some cracks and glue it back onto the headband though T^T I'm so glad it's safe though <3

20th April 2009

20/04/2009 - Petticoats v2.0

Oh my gosh, now I understand why people say maths is TORTURE! I could not handle all this maths involved in making a proper domed shaped petticoat. [I previously just gathered a long piece of rectangle - the shaped bugged me to no end so I'm redoing it!!] This took AGES to work out - the tutorials I was working with I simply... could not understand! I was just sat there trying to numb my brain out and work it out for myself - hopefully I've got the calculations right now. Heck now I have it right I'm a tad ashamed that this sort of Maths made me struggle LOL! First I measured how long I wanted the petticoat to be from my waist to my feet. Easy figure - 1m!! [Yes I'm short >_>] I then added a few cm for seam allowance. After that I worked out how many tiers I wanted - I decided 5 tiers would keep be sane [that's the only reason LOL!]. Divided this by the length which gave me 8" plus seam allowance. Next I took my 5m worth of tulle and cut 8" strips and sewed them together - this took AGES! AND I'M STILL NOT DONE! I've only done 3 strips, oh Lord help me now! Took a break and figured out the ratio, I used 1:2:4:7:11 because it was suggested in a tutorial I found [and because I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to work out my own XP] - this totalled 25. Following this I calculated my width which was 5m with how many strips I had which SHOULD total 5 - multiplying the two figured together will work out to 25. Easy figure! It's the exact same total as my ratios therefore it makes it so much easier [I LOVE YOU TUTORIAL WHOM GAVE ME THE RATIOS! 8D] - it's easier because I didn't have to do any maths to work out how much fabric each tier would need - 1st would need 1m, 2nd would need 2m, 3rd would need 4m, etc - simple maths ^_^ This sounds soooo easy now that I've written it out. HOWEVER GRASPING THE CONCEPT ON HOW IT WORKED I COULD NOT HANDLE FOR SOME REASON! I think my brain was on stupid mode >_>; [I also ignored all tutorials and did it my own way 8D; Resulting in dead tulle... Lesson learnt!] Time Taken - Oh God knows! I'll estimate about 30mins without all the stupidity in the middle =P Have a picture of what the mess is like! 8D [And the beginning of the super long strip - so far 15m long! And this is only HALF the amount of tulle I have =P Deleting the other petticoat entries now because they're irrelevant, bye bye journals! [Instead you get a SUPER long journal instead! 8D]

29th March 2009

28/03/2009 - Crown painted!

It's still a little wet so I can't wear it, or else I'll get grey hair xD I might have to go over the green bits because the flash makes it look terrible... but from a distance they look okay 8D; Time Taken - 1hr [MAN it looks WEIRD on a wig head! Maybe I should invest in a black wig JUST so it looks okay ROFL! (jk)]

27th March 2009

27/03/2009 - Craft foam cut, pre-paint

Cutting the craft foam out was way harder than I thought! I was too stupid to think at the time that I should have drawn it out PROPERLY on the craft foam and ACTUALLY follow the template I had made - cutting it out before hand would've helped as well because I had tons of trouble cutting that b*gger out! But after murdering my wig head with my craft knife and scissors and PVA + hot gluing it to death, it's all done! It's now attached onto a black headband for security as well. PAINTING TIME! *runs around trying to find white and black paint* Photo has been photoshopped because of dirty mirror lol xD; Sorry about bad lighting, even with flash on it had bad lighting so you shall have yellow/orange filters 8D Time Taken - a painstaking 1hr!

15th March 2009

14/03/2009 - Crown 60%

Whelp, basic shape of the crown is finished. Made from model magic, it's such a weird substance. It's so... spongy! It's really light as well so it should be alright on my head ^_^ The only downfall with using model magic was that it dried fairly quickly so it was hard to alter without creasing it - this can be easily fixed by sanding it though. I built it on craft foam because from past experiences with Garnet's crown, some bits are VERY flimsy! As soon as it's completely dried I'll glue it onto the craft foam and cut around the crown using my trusty craft knife. After this I'll coat it with PVA for added strength followed by acrylic attack! [i.e. Paint it silver] I also have a black headband so that it can sit on my head nicely ^_^ Tip: DON'T buy plain headbands from Claires, I learnt this the hard way T^T THEY HAVE STRANGE HEADS FOR SOME REASON! Get them from New Look, they're cheaper and actually sit on your head properly ;] Cost: Headband - £2 Model Magic - I only used 2/3 of a packet so I'll say £2-3 Time Taken - 2hrs P.S. I made this waaay too big for my head so a LOT of altering had to be done hence all the creases XD

1st March 2009

01/03/2009 - Overdress, sewn!

Righteo, finally got this sucker sorted! Well almost, just have to hem it and sew in the boning which should take very little time. Annnd embroider it, which will take 13247894358432 hours! It's pretty much constructed the same way as my old cosplay, but poofier!! I had a bodice pattern, some pieces I blended together [ie. the two back pieces] and lengthened it because I wanted the one piece look rather than a bodice and a separate skirt sewn/gathered on. The zip was stolen from my old Garnet cosplay because I'm too cheap to buy another x] Lucky me, I JUST had enough fabric to make the overdress! Woohoo! I have enough to make her arm warmer things as well ^_^ Time Taken - A whooping 3hrs!! I think... with much procrastination in between X_x I'd show pictures but I'm too lazy to get the camera out xD

5th January 2009

05/01/2009 - Underskirt, sewn!

HURRAH! I've started! Didn't expect to start so soon to be honest, but I got bored - didn't feel like working on Takuto, I felt like getting electric shocks instead [no that's not the real reason xDD]. So after endless cutting and sewing I've finally finished the underskirt! BOOYAH! Now to either paint the fleur-de-lis pattern or start the overdress - I'm a bit panicky about the overdress. I don't know if I'll have enough fabric or not! ;__; It looks like I will but if all else fails... HACK THE OLD GARNET COSPLAY TO PIECES >8D My neck is soooooore from all that sewing X_x, I hate hemming D< Time Taken - 2hrs P.S. Lol, unflattering picture of myself xD. I also need to learn to clear the space when taking progress shots >_>;

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