kojuro katakura
Sengoku BASARA

Cosplayer: Zirco

Variant: game

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

25th May 2013: not much more i just have a few more bits to do the leg and arm armor i have made so far will have have to do . so i just have to finish the chest armor and re make any bits that have gone missing

17th April 2013: more progress a few more snaps of the progress. it's now been ironed. now i have got to start work on the armour

5th April 2013: a bit more i have done a bit more but i realy need to get the iron out. i have had to cut it a but shoter than i wanted and i still need to do a bit of editing on the coat

21st March 2013: getting on i decided to get back on with my kojuro cosplay .
i dyed the material my self by hand so it didnt turn out exactly how i wanted it and i dont know if i have enought left for the sleves since there is a big blotch in the middle of what i have left.
i was planning on having this ver as a trial ver to see how to make the coat but since i am low on cash i think this is what i will be taking to aya

22nd August 2012: bits and bobs just doing the extra bits for kojuro
i used a robot mask from a joke shop and superclay to do the mask