Yakumo Fujii (Vagrant Outfit (3rd OVA)) - 3x3 eyes




This is Yakumo's outfit for the 3rd OVA, and incidentally the only time he's ever any good in a fight (in the anime at any rate).

This was another done on the cheep (though i can't remember exactly how much) with the shirt and trousers found in charity shops.

I distinctly remember that while many people didn't recognize the character (to be fair the anime is no longer available in the the UK. Which only made me all the more happy when people did recognize it), a lot of people asked if i'd made the gauntlet myself. Unfortunately that's not the case; it's part of my LARP (Live Action Role Play) gear, and costs £35 a pair. Though i wouldn't mind practicing leather working and who knows...


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