Matsumoto - Bleach





Worn to the Liverpool anime society all-nighter 2007, also for tokyopop mange event in Norwich just before summer break, 2007. This costume is entirely hand-made by myself, and I'm very proud of it even if it is a bit cobbled together. The top is made from two kimono style tops, a black one with a white one underneath. The bottoms were made with great effort and time invested. The most interesting this about this costume is a lot of the hemming was done eithge rin anime society meetings or on the train as my sewing machine failed me with about a week to go.

I chose to cosplay Matsumoto because she's fun, and the main thing about doing a cosplay is to have fun, really. And I'm proud of the fact that I made it myself, even if it would have been massivley easier and cheaper to just buy it on ebay.


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