Gendo Ikari
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Cosplayer: eva_fan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Brinny-Chan avatar

Brinny-Chan - 4th January 2009
Awesome Gendo!
I remember seeing the Gendo pose image on the neo forum... Except without the edit.

eva_fan avatar

eva_fan - 4th January 2009
Yup. =)
I don't think i even bother posting my cosplays on Neo anymore.

White Leviathan avatar

White Leviathan - 4th January 2009
Well I spent so long thinking what to write that I missed the first comment, boo hoo.

Awesome cos, it's still your trademark...

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 4th February 2009
now that ive seen this anime i can judge the costume and well it owns simple as

amberlovers avatar

amberlovers - 1st October 2010
This is so rad, you're the first person I've seen cosplay Gendo, and well.... good one!

eva_fan avatar

eva_fan - 3rd October 2010

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I do seem to have a lot of people telling me i should cosplay him again some time.

Clive_Winslet avatar

Clive_Winslet - 3rd June 2011
This is wicked cool! I plan on doing a Gendo cosplay to. Yours is very well done.