Charles Di Britannia (CLAMP ED Artwork ^^) - Code Geass


I made EVERYTHING, par the white scarf XD

The wig was made from pipe insulation foam and weighed about 2 kg XD

The shoulder extensions (carpet rolls cut in half) were VERY painful to wear >_<

Anime_Angel posted on 4 January, 2009 - 16:52
Heya Hows it going^__^ great that you finally joined this site^__^ that is a great costume you made^__^

CrystalNeko posted on 4 January, 2009 - 17:14
I LOVED your Charles cosplay at expo! You were fantastic as him, poses were awesome haha! xD Your performance in the masquerade certainly made me laugh out loud as well =^_^=

stripey_dani posted on 4 January, 2009 - 17:52
Awesome costume ^^

Zelvyne posted on 7 January, 2009 - 00:22
Very impressive, and not just for the huge amounts of time and effort that must've gone into this. Definitely one of the best cosplays I saw back in October. very nicely done ^_^

MangaChild posted on 8 January, 2009 - 00:27
FANTASTIC COS And what a masquerade preformance to go with it!! It had me in stitches :D

BlusterSquall posted on 8 January, 2009 - 18:19
It was awesome to meet you in October and you looked brilliant in this cosplay! Really suited the part! XD Your masquerade performance was fantatic too! I really enjoyed it! ^___^ (BTW - I have photos I took of you on my laptop at home, I can PM you the URLs if you want? C:)

Nocturnal Blossom posted on 8 January, 2009 - 22:42
I loved this so much, it was wonderful! Fantastic wig and costume!

Adamoluna posted on 10 January, 2009 - 23:07
I remember you showing progress pictures of the wig! :D I could never do that. Costume was fantastic! You really did the character justice on stage X'D oh, and antennas! haha! XD

Odd-One-Out posted on 10 January, 2009 - 23:09
You know I love this

Anonymous posted on 7 March, 2009 - 01:16
This costume is absolutely brilliant! xD Thanks for your comment on my Tifa costume ^^

Anonymous posted on 5 May, 2009 - 16:30
OMG it's you :o Awesomenessssss! xD Thanks for the comment! <3 Are you doing Charles again this year?

RanmaSyaoran posted on 6 May, 2009 - 00:34
Maybe >>;

Anonymous posted on 14 June, 2009 - 19:57
this is great ^^ really amazing cosplay!

BladeyCakes posted on 16 August, 2009 - 13:04
8D Awesome cosplay!! It looks great!

Anonymous posted on 22 October, 2009 - 20:49
u make an asum charles theres a real cute pic with my two friends (cosplayin as young suzaku and tianzi)

Adamoluna posted on 28 January, 2010 - 14:05
you know, you should really grow a beard liked that someday. It really suits you! XD

NemJay posted on 9 March, 2010 - 00:34
Loving the beard!!

ViewtifulD posted on 12 June, 2010 - 07:06
This was epic, I got knighted by you when i yelled all hail britannia and asked for a pic XD

Anonymous posted on 4 July, 2010 - 09:37
charles lelouch vi brittania orders you to die!! =w= aww amazing charles you make i love it

C.C Lolita posted on 12 November, 2012 - 14:07
Brilliant costume :D I wish you'd been wearing it at the last con so we could have had a photo together :( Love the facial expressions and posing, by the way XD

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