Behoime-chan (Magical girl) - Pani Poni Dash


AmeCon 2006




I've always been a little disapointed in this costume. I love Pani Poni Dash and as soon as I saw Behoime-chan I wanted to cosplay her, so I set about making this. This was my first costume made entirely from scratch, and it shows a little (some things take time to learn). The skirt was made in the regular fashion, pleated. The top was adapted from a pattern that wasn't quite right, and is a little big (I blame my mother who seems to think clothes come best in two sizes too large). The wand was my favourite part. I made this in true blue peter style using two old toilet rolls I butchered and taped together, then wrapped in left-over fabric. The wings are an old cardboard box covered in papier mache.

Despite me not really liking this costume as a costume, I had one hell of a lot of fun wearing it. Magical girls are fun to cosplay and I will definetley cosplay one again!


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