Lady Subaru - .hack//Sign






I always wanted to make a .hack// cosplay. When I watched the //sign anime I instantly loved the dress she wears!

I'm going to debute it at Abuanai! 2012, The Netherlands.


White Tigress posted on 25 August, 2012 - 17:33
Looking forward to seeing photos of this complete :D Looking good!

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Progress Journal

24th October 2012


Sorry people, I completely forgot to upload the rest.
Well.. I finished the cosplay on time (august 23), and in the stress of finishing it on time I failed in uploading Work In Programm journal with pictures.
So I uploaded the pictures now.

I weared the cosplay to Abunai! 2012 in Veldhoven, Netherlands the 24th and 26th of August.
After that I weared it at a comic fair at Breda at the 3rd of September, there I won a cosplay award for Least expected cosplay/character.

A week or two later I weared it again while doing a photoshoot at a friend's place, the pictures uploaded are from there.

7th August 2012


Yesterday I went to the market to find fabric for the apron-kind of thing.
When I came there I saw that in the summer holidays the fabric-stores weren't there.. Too bad!

So today I made the top.
I used pre-formed bra-fillings and tricot fabric. On the back a plastic ring is holding it together.

Tomorrow I'm going to another city to buy the fabric I need.

31st July 2012

Short skirt

Today I edited the pattern of the short skirt and put it all together.
I put an elastic in this skirt instead of a zipper. This is because two zippers on each other is annoying. There will be a layer above this, so you can't see it. And now the skirt looks a bit wavy.

29th July 2012

Long skirt

Today I finished the long skirt!
I putted it all together and made a zipper in on of the seam.
You can see through the fabric, it's good it's not the only layer and there will be a petticoat under it.

25th July 2012

The long skirt

The four layers fabric for the long skirt, perfectly cutted.

25th July 2012

Long skirt

This is the pattern of the long skirt (the whole in the middle is just an empty paper so I used it again in the printer).
It lays on four layers of fabric.

25th July 2012

Making the skirts

I had to edit the patterns, they didn't fit me.
I used the sizing chart on the site and then downloaded the good size, but the sizes of the pattern weren't the same as the sizes on the sizing chart..
Extra work.. always..
Here you can see my 4.20meters of fabric ^^. It's soo lovely!

26th June 2012


I found two patterns for my two skirts at the internet.
But because I was in Spain for internship I couldn't print. My parents printed it for me and brought it in the weekend (almost last, but better then nothing) with som see here.e pattern paper when they came to visit.

On the picture I was putting the pattern together with tape, it's only one skirt you

21st April 2012


The ordered wig came in today with a good wig brush, stand and two caps.
My parents were thinking it was very funny to see me with a wig on (they never saw it before), so they had to take pictures xD.