Vayne (Dragonslayer) - League Of Legends




SarahSaiyan posted on 9 August, 2012 - 14:07
yeyyyy looking forward to seeing this, it is a pretty snazzy skin ^^

4Pyramidhead posted on 6 September, 2012 - 00:36
This looks great so far. Cant wait to see it at expo.

Rubikins posted on 6 September, 2012 - 20:52
Thank you both! It really means a lot to know it's looking okay so far. :3 I'll have more pictures up soon!

Luvinaxel100 posted on 7 October, 2012 - 21:10
I'm on your page. Creepin' on your BLOODY FANTASTIC COSPLAY MISTER MAAAYN. <3

CosplayGal posted on 9 October, 2012 - 14:41
Bring on Expo! (it's looking so awesome, btw)

Progress Journal

5th August 2012

Progress is being made!

I've already got a majority of the materials for this bought, so it really is just a matter of making it all now... But here's a little heads up of what's already been made:

- The leggings are complete, along with the diamond scales being sewn onto them. Her blue sash and weird belt buckle have also been made and painted.
- Boots are around 50% made along with the rest of the leg armour, and a lot of the general leather straps have also been made.
- Base for her giant crossbow has also been made and cut out.

Hopefully should be starting her chest armour and the cape soon!

Pictures to come soon! :)