The Lapin Angelique Suicide Special (LASS) (OC player (Myself)) - The World Ends With You/ It's a Wonderful World (TWEWY)





The Lapin Angelique Suicide Special is TWEWY's most famous SOS setup, a high-risk high-return clothing setup that gives you massive attack boosts in return for zero hit points at start of battle!

The version I wore all the way through week 3 (and almost made me die in the final boss battle) was 'balanced LASS'. The clothes for the setup are all from Lapin Angelique, TWEWY's resident gothic lolita brand, and are as follows: vampire dress, red two-tiered skirt, ribbon mini-hat and spiderweb jersey. Since the layering doesn't really make sense, I'm going to just make the dress and the hat and pretend the skirt and jersey are underneath. ^^

I'm going to need some real psyche pins too! (including tin pin thrift) I might buy one of those kid's pin makers and make my own real-life deck!

And then i just need to see if anyone actually recognises me, lol.


Ros3ify posted on 5 August, 2012 - 17:38
Like the cute design :)

TheStarlightFairy posted on 5 August, 2012 - 19:03

Clovejar posted on 6 August, 2012 - 21:23
Hehe, thanks ^^"

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Progress Journal

6th August 2012

So I'm halfway through the dress

Last night I thought this costume wasn't going to happen because something really weird happened with my sewing machine. o_o it started rattling and smoking like it was going to explode, so I switched it off, and then when I came back the needle thread tension was weird, and I assumed that that was because of the whole smoking thing... it was a good thing that I noticed that the thread had come out from between the tension disks. I can still technically sew as long as I watch out for smoke, though I've been making my wrist seize up manually turning the handwheel out of fear ^^"
Anyway, after neglecting to do backstitches or any form of seam finishing, I managed to get the top half of the dress done today. Tomorrow I just have to put the skirt together and then do the purple bows~

5th August 2012

Mini Hat

Bought the mini hat today...
It's the type with hair grips, but I tied ribbon around my head underneath to make it look like the type with ribbon ties (shh, no one will ever know!)