Jinta Yadomi - Anohana / Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai




Red T shirt with "chteijin" writte in kanji on the front, still yet to purchase but I may have to resort to "make your own" T-shirt sites if push comes to shove!

Teal skinny jeans, these shouldn't be a problem as I've found some on ASOS for £15, with me being tall they'll probably do the size I'm looking for too!

Long black hair wig, I've got black hair just like Jinta but mine definitely won't grow to his length in time for October! I've only found one wig like Jinta's on eBay but comes at a very hefty £20! I'm still searching for something similar or maybe borrowing from a fellow cosplayer!

Black rimmed glasses, these are probably optional but I can easily get those from Topman.

Beanie, Next did have one in bet have discontinued the item now! (Argh!) but this is again an optional part of the cosplay so nothing to really worry about!

Props like a Game Boy Color, I've got so they aren't a problem at all, haven't got a GBA though, I'd be happy with the GBC by itself though!


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