Fate/Stay Night

Cosplayer: Ikkaku-kun

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd February 2009: bodysuit etc repaired some minor damage to Gáe Bulg, finished tarting up my pauldrons and FINALLY got my dad to wake up and do the bodysuit painting, we attempted fabric glue and some ribboning first but the ribbon wouldnt stop rising off the suit :( so Games Workshop Chainmail paint it is ^^.

More to come tomorrow :) i hope..

24th January 2009: Day 2 well with my ill day i refused to do nothing....again.... so i started cutting up the bodysuit i bough for the right bits n bobs to make it Lancer like.. (the hood and gloves had to go) then i set about making the Lance a lot more complete by taping it alllll up (black electrical tape lol) and then painting it all.. the shafta got detailed by a glue gun that took about a bloody hour!! then got painted 2 tones of red for contrast.
The shoulders are a nightmare!! they took ages to cut out and now wont even form right :( i might cry lol !!

5th January 2009: Meaguer Progress today i bought the haft needed for Lancers spear, when i am home i will start work properly on this :)

Sunsetdancer avatar

Sunsetdancer - 3rd January 2009
........ Brill!

Wonder where you got that idea from ;)

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 4th January 2009
I wonder who made you watch Fate Stay Night eh? xD

Good old Lancer

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 9th January 2009
nice! cool prop for me to steal... YES!!!

Adamoluna avatar

Adamoluna - 23rd January 2009
yay, looking fantastic so far! :D

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 23rd January 2009
lance is looking great man

Adamoluna avatar

Adamoluna - 23rd January 2009
bodysuit looks great on you! I'm eager to see how you do the linework :)

kitty avatar

kitty - 24th January 2009
oh wow!
great progress!!
love the prop!!!!

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 25th January 2009
Zentai suit FTW!!!

this looks to be a great cos :D

Mtani avatar

Mtani - 25th January 2009
Yey! Lancer! =D I really can't wait to see it finished!

Sunsetdancer avatar

Sunsetdancer - 26th January 2009
Looking good man, will be great for our group.

kirokitsune avatar

kirokitsune - 20th February 2009
Wow tis shaping up pretty well! Looks like its gonna be an awesome cosplay.
Im gonna have my work cut out when I start my version lol

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 22nd February 2009
progress is looking damn good man

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 2nd March 2009
Looking awesome. Can't wait to see the lance (no doubt Kaka will be attached to it at some point. Lol!)

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 23rd April 2009
Awesome ^_^

timpey avatar

timpey - 9th May 2009
wow looking pretty epic, this will be great to see

Sunsetdancer avatar

Sunsetdancer - 11th May 2009
Lets see some finished pics :D

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 25th May 2009
Fantastic work, I'll have the photo's for you ASAP!

Fliss avatar

Fliss - 28th September 2011
The icon for this looks like Grimmjow pantera