Rukia Kuchiki (Soul Reaper ) - Bleach





So I've been into Bleach for quite a few few years now and have watched all/most episodes up to 260 or something like that. I've always admired Rukia's character and it is why I am thinking of trying it out, I just love how amuzing it is to watch her, and she makes some of it very dramatic which I liked very much.

Yes I am once again planning on buying the wig in which I can style to make her one bang of hair on her face and then to make the swish curls at the end for her sholders.

I am also once again planning on buying the costume since I'm rubbish at sewing although I'm sure i've seem plenty of tutorials on Yukata's and such on youtube. So maybe I won't however it depends on the patience I'm in and money/Convetion stuff.

I hope to be able to try out her personality well since I've got an idea on how to roleplay as her, I have a rather good idea of it, She's a bit moody so I could frown a bit while talking and she gets sad and sorry for things like when she - SPOILER - Was trapped in the tower ready to be killed for helping Ichigo fight the hollow that threatend his family and himself. That should be easy or a medium roleplaying acting skill.


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