Hizaki (The Revenant Choir) - Versailles





I made this costume for Jrock Invasion in 2007 in Cologne. I have always loved the eccentricities of Kamijo and his costumes and fell in love with Hizaki when Versailles were formed. The costume is so over the top and fabulous, both beautiful and a little tacky. I love that balance. It was great working with fabrics I would normally avoid due to them being somewhat overkill, like the gold lame.

The dress weighs a ton. The gold sections are a heavyweight upholstery fabric, with a wine coloured crushed velvet forming most of the dress, gold and black lace fabric for the trimmings and sleeves and lots of metallic gold trim. I am particularly fond of the black devore fabric that is used in the sleeves which was hard to find but so worth it.

My favourite bit of this costume was all the beading in the bodice. The front zone panel is made from several layers of fabric including heavy calico and a top layer of taffeta. All the beading and sequins were hand sewn, it was immensely time consuming and therapeutic in one. The roses are all made by hand, but using pre-purchased rose petals. Getting the sizes right was tricky.

I adore the fascinator for this costume! The feathers and roses look so fabulous together, it is all so very opulent.

The bit I'm most proud of is the nails. I LOVE making false nails... they were so excessively long, first painted in a deep wine red, then with pieces of real lace overlayed, with some pearlised fimo gems made to fit on the nail exactly and lots of tiny gems to finish. And yes, it is very hard to do anything with them on!


Siouxsie James posted on 1 June, 2013 - 20:19
Adorable :)

Popsimgirl posted on 1 June, 2013 - 23:12
That's an amazing dress!