Juliet Starling (Normal) - Lollipop Chainsaw




I'm just making the chainsaw now, but this is a cheerleading outfit made from a swimming costume, lycra material, an old t-shirt and a print out.

This was very difficult to make as my sewing machine does not sew lycra very well (oh dear) and considering thats what my costume is made of... yeah. Not handy.


gaming_goddess posted on 31 July, 2012 - 06:34
Excellent job on the chainsaw :) The cosplay looks really good even with your sewing machine hatining lycra :P Fantastic cosplay :)

Numta posted on 15 August, 2012 - 15:50
you've done awesome with this =D Excellent Juliet =D

Louscious posted on 19 September, 2012 - 20:17