Rose Lalonde (God Tier) - Homestuck




after meeting my now excellent friend Joey as alpha!Rose on trollmegle and having others tell me that i would suit rose i wanted to cosplay her- alpha rose, had she a canon design that wasn't just a blank white dress would have been straight on the list, but i wanted something a little more zazzy. god tier is the most zazzy, hence beeline straight for it.

who knows i may yet do alpha rose based on fanon/own designs, just... later

i found a couple of tutorials for the dress and the hood and it doesn't seem too complicated either. the only thing to hope for is that orange won't wash me out gosh


post-costume thoughts: wow thanks homestuck for being really simple and easy to make, ensuring that i have enough time after my exams to sit back and relax for two weeks and whap the costume itself together three days before the event with minimal fuss. also great design, what a comfortable costume, wow


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