Lambo Spanner!!! xD (Lambo costume) - Katekyo Hitman REBORN!




I know, I know. Another KHR cosplay but I just can't think of anything else for now xD!
To be honest its only a secret because I'm not sure if it'll be ready on time D:

Im going to do Spanner dressed as Lambo~ (but I'm still waiting for my cow kigurimi ;-;)


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Progress Journal

17th October 2012

Problems go byebye~

I just realised I havent said anything about the wig or the contacts yet even though I got them both sorted now xD
The wig turned out to be a perfect colour and that putting in the contact lenses in is incredibly easy :D If you want you can see them in my Enma costume cos thats what this secret costume was meant to be in beginning ;3 But as I said last time, I wont have enough time to get everything sorted for him for the London expo so I'm doing a different surprise for it~ ...just have to wait for that to get here ._.

3rd October 2012


Seems like this costume wont be done in time ;-; but fear not! I have a back up surprise! xD *puts a random picture to celebrate*

21st August 2012

Le Problem D:

Gah! I really want to wear coloured contact lenses to go with this but I don't think my eyes would cooperate T^T

21st August 2012


Ok >:D Good news and bad news! Good- my wig came :D , Bad- I was away when it came so I have to go to the post office and see what it looks like D: I just hope the colour is right and isn't too bright :I