Sakura Kasugano - Street Fighter Alpha




hmm... what can I say? This was planned on a drunk night by the boys Jake, Ben and Frains two days before the new year and was forced into it ...



needs improving LOL


White Leviathan posted on 1 January, 2009 - 21:01
Peer pressure mwuhahahahahhahahahahahahaha You looked awesome apart from when you decided to kick me in the face.....

AmethystEyes posted on 1 January, 2009 - 21:07
Excellent, like Chun Li's butt :3

Odd-One-Out posted on 2 January, 2009 - 22:17
I see you recycled your Faith gloves :P Why was Nana not there, was he too far away up north?

Defrain posted on 2 January, 2009 - 23:00
i do indeed pick on sakura lol

nanahara posted on 3 January, 2009 - 03:02
looking cute Kaka.

stripey_dani posted on 13 January, 2009 - 09:32
Haha love it xD

Sephirayne posted on 30 January, 2009 - 21:38
I love it very cute. Looks like your group had a lot of fun.

Sands posted on 2 February, 2009 - 20:50
you look so awesome in this =3

Defrain posted on 12 March, 2009 - 08:58
kaka sakura isnt serious shes jolly and nutty :P

Adamoluna posted on 24 March, 2009 - 13:41
you make an excellent sakura! :3 You should take some photos in a location which looks like her stage - from any of the games, and do her epic justice.

Sillabub posted on 1 April, 2009 - 00:09
You looked great in this costume! I have a couple more photos of you if you'd like them, too. Thanks for the comment on my Chun Li, too! Oh lord, that wind...!

negativedreamer posted on 1 July, 2009 - 20:56
such a great sakura, you fit the character perfectly!