Isabela (Unromanced) - Dragon Age 2




Isabela is one of my favourite characters and I thought that this would be a good costume to try as my first cosplaying attempt!

I've started gathering bits and bobs together - material for the main part of the costume and I'm actually going to have a bash at making the boots as I couldn't find any to buy. I'm going to experiment with fibreglass and foam for the armour bits.

I'm still figuring out how to approach the choker - I'll keep you posted :o)


Numta posted on 27 July, 2012 - 12:32
Look forward to seeing progress =D

ArcticWolfCosplay posted on 30 July, 2012 - 21:10
As above, always good to see a DA cosplayer :)

Sunny-D posted on 5 August, 2012 - 20:31
Wig and armour looking great so far! :D

Metsukinai posted on 31 October, 2012 - 19:24
Hello there, I was the Zevran and candystriped was Morrigan (with the tome & staff)with you at the Expo! Was very nice to meet you!

otakugirl posted on 19 January, 2014 - 20:56
Your Isabella is so awesome XD

Isabela posted on 2 February, 2014 - 21:40
Thank you otakugirl :)

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

13th October 2012

Argh!! Panic!!

The Expo is less than two weeks away and what I have left to do is frightening!

To do:
* Boots - nearly there, just need to do buckles and the cuff bit around the top
* Necklace - still have to finish and spray the medallions. But then I can put it all together
* Shoulder and elbow armour - started but not finished
* Daggers (not even started them yet!)
* Main tunic - that is very nearly done. Final fitting next weekend.

I see alot of late nights in my near future...

12th September 2012

Contact Lenses

Just ordered coloured contact lenses for my costume - can't wait to get them now! I'm all bouncy and excited :D

9th September 2012

Gloves done!!

Finally got the armour bits spray painted and aged. I'm really pleased with how they have come out :)

14th August 2012

Choker nearly there...

Thanks to some inspiration from CakeIsGone, I now have the choker part of the necklace done! It's a relief as that was starting to worry me a bit. Just need to sort out the snakey bit and the medallions.

Meanwhile, work continues apace on the 'boots' and the tunic. Looking good so far :)

9th August 2012

Buckles, leather and a corset

All arrived this week!!! (for the costume that is!)

Is it wrong that I'm excited by this?!

3rd August 2012

The Boots

I started butchering the trousers to make the boots! I know they are just trousers with holes cut out at the knees at the moment, but bear with me on this. The finished items will look awesome :D

2nd August 2012


The leather gloves got my attention today! They became fingerless, liningless and picked apart. They will be sewn back together of course.
Then for the 'metal' bits I have been introduced to this plasticine-type-stuff that you mould into shape and bake in the oven to harden. I forget what it's called. Sounds fun though :D
Meanwhile, my sister is still testing out detailing for the tunic. She's alot better with the sewing machine than I am! I think we'll start that properly over the weekend.

1st August 2012

It's a start...

My sister has made the shoulder armour using fibreglass - it's looking good so far! We've been working out how to do the main tunic part of the costume. There will be a corset involved we've decided! We should have templates done by the end of the day for that.
I'll be looking at how to do the boots later as well. I have acquired a pair of old suede trousers which I am going to cut up and use, and this will go over a pair of shorter boots I have. Pics to follow...

29th July 2012

Nearly All Set!

It all seems a bit daunting at the moment - so much to do and so little time!

So far I have -
Material for tunic
Material to make the boots (pair of old trousers!)
Leather gloves (well, purchased on ebay at least)

I have enlisted my sister to help with some bits as she's very creative. She has been working on building the armour using fibreglass. I'm going to see how she is getting on this week.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to figure out how to do the necklace. I've researched how other people have done it and I think I'm going to try and make most of it from scratch. We'll see how that goes....