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Tokonatsu 2012




Another costume suggested by my boyrfriend Luke, where he could then cosplay Green Arrow (whenever his costume gets done XD) with me. But he has got his Superboy cospaly, so he can at least wear that with me =)
I rather like this costume over what I have seen of some of her comic outfits, particularly the fact that its not fishnet tights (never a fan of them).
So currently I've been working on the jacket (hating how unhelping some of the sewing pattern instructions are but I've been slowly working out what doesn't make sense), I've got the choker sorted, I already have a reasonable wig (not really yellow but I wanted to make use of it since I can't edit it into a Mami wig), the bodysuit is on it's way, as well as the tights, which I'll be attempting to paint on lines (since no tights exist with lines on the back and front), I've trimmed half the fingers length of some gloves, then just have to edit the boots.

Little Note: In the end the body shaper did not kill me XD I only felt uncomfortable when sitting/kneeling in certain ways (don't take that wrongly >.>), though I forgot to bring the gloves with me.
The wig certainly still needs cutting and styling since I didn't get a chance to before Toko and I still believe it would be better if I got someone else to style wigs for me since I'm usually no good with styling hair @_@.
Also, no photos, I was out of the costume before someone offered to take photos of it n.n"


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