Daryl Dixon (Chupacabra/Fem!Daryl) - The Walking Dead




Fem!Daryl version in the wounded state he is in towards the end of the episode Chupacabra

A big downer for this is that I can't bring a crossbow over on a plane - so any shots with his scout will have to wait until later...!

I have his zombie ear necklace, making Sophia's doll, and there will probably be a squirrel there in some shape or form too lol.
And I get to make my own blood and scars! Which I'm really excited about!

I *might* though it's a fairly big might, have a Fem! Rick/Merle/Zombie with me.

This is either completely booting Leon off of the Oct Expo list or at least taking up half a day - depends on Fem!Shepard being ready on time or not.


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