Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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When I was a kid Esmeralda was my favourite Disney character. I had her outfit from the Disney Store and I love it so much I LIVED in it xD
In November 2011 my friend had a fancy dress Barn Dance and I made this outfit for it.


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Progress Journal

Headband (Posted 23rd July 2012)

Just some pink cotton fabric sewn over for the headband thing she wears

Shirt (Posted 23rd July 2012)

Just blagged this because I had NO idea of the pattern. I got the sleeves right first time but it took a while to get the collar to sit right

Corset (Posted 23rd July 2012)

I bought a gold under-bust corset on Ebay and hand sewed the green panels on

Sash (Posted 23rd July 2012)

Purple cotton triangle with gold trimming and bells around the bottom edge

Skirt (Posted 23rd July 2012)

I think it was 2 and a half meters of this nylon silk stuff, just made into a massive circle skirt with a zip at the back