Justin - Grandia






Grandia is one of my favorite games of all time and it make me feel emotions none other game made me feel at the time.

I just wanna derp around my hometown searching for ruins (yeah right XD) Hopefully there will be people that I can share our love for the game at the con! Its sort of like a hidden gem in gaming, fondly remembered by a number of fans yet so few really express it these days.

First major prop!!! So much fun!

Sadly due to last minuite troubles I had to pull out of the masquerade at Gemucon but I will most likely keep Justin under consideration as a back-up plan for Kitacon Invasion :D

EDIT 09/08/14
Riiight! This has been in my sewing box for far too long! Considering getting this done for the next Kitacon! Might make some tweaks to the work so far and remake the armour. I have a better idea for how to do the goggles now. Hope it would work ^^;

EDIT AGAIN 17/02/17
Bloody hell!!! I havent touched this in literally YEARS!!!!!

Moving back to planned as I have learned a LOT during the timeframe and when I resume on this I may have to remake a lot of this.


sarmander posted on 17 September, 2012 - 22:12
HNNNNG GRANDIA. This has been my dream for years! I can't wait to see progress photos since Justin is such a cutie pie~!

Ranmaru cosplays posted on 12 November, 2012 - 21:17
yay justin i can't wait to c this i hope 1 day i can do feena,leen and mio

nanahara posted on 31 March, 2013 - 06:21
awsome choice, I look forward to seeing this

Justin posted on 16 June, 2013 - 12:00
coooool!!! I am looking forward to see your complete costume of Justin! (^^/

White Tigress posted on 18 June, 2013 - 00:50
Thanks everyone :) This is close to completion so should be part of my next lineup at my next convention :D

Feena posted on 8 February, 2014 - 20:45
So cool *^* looking forward to see this cosplay! Grandia is my favorite game and I'm always so happy to see more people who love the game too!!

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

22nd June 2013

Might get back to this very soon

Out of severe boredom lol

A little peeved off as on my weekend away at Gemu my dad seemed to have threw away the hat and a few weeks ago my new puppy thought it would be a good idea to chew one of the gauntlets >.> Not happy but I think I could do better with the hat with extra time and if the gauntlet remake fails I could easily downgrade this a little and do the PS1 version instead ^^

Might start with getting the suit done fist. Apart from the hat and gauntlet/gloves everything else just needs a bit of gluing, and I would like to repaint the cheststrap detail to make it show better :)

4th April 2013


Due to some last minuite issues I wont be wearing this for Gemucon *heartbreak*

3rd April 2013

Armour is done

Now to finish the hat!

3rd April 2013

Bag complete!

Made it to be funtional too! made of felt and craft foam, and opens using velcro. Waiting for the glue to dry fully before deciding how well it can store my stuff...might get a bit paranoid that it breaks lol well see.

Sorta hit a bump in the road with the hat today. Tried to get some more craft foam but they didnt have any white in store today. After some time pondering the best way around it would be to use whatever craft foam I have and wrap it with some white fabric.

First think in the morning I plan to paint the gold onto the chest strap so it would have plenty of time to dry while I hem the scarf and glue the armour pieces together, and spend the evening doing the last bits of sewing. Might remake the sheath if I have time as its quite on the wide side lol

Praying it would be at a decent standard, if not Ill be cancelling my masquerade entry.

Most likely a costume ill get back to later on to properly finish :) Just excited to cosplay as one of my fav game characters yeaaahhhh!!!!

1st April 2013


Would kinda like to get back to it at some point but damn proud of my first ever major prop!

1st April 2013

I now have a hat!!!!

Was a real pain but got there in the end. Not sure if I like th base tbh but no time for that xD

The goggles are in process. Need some more craft foam for the ear covers.

Mountain dew goggles ftw!

1st April 2013


Gotten most of the armor painted but some of it needs another layer. Im really dreading the time id glue the piecies togther xD

Sword handle needs another layer too and some tidying but done otherwise yayz!!!

Then finish the suit ^^ that is nearly done too!

31st March 2013

Not much time left!

Managed to get the jumpsuit fitting and 3 more of the white cuffs left to sew and add pockets.

In the morning I aim to get the sword mostly done as well as hopefully finishing painting the armour and hopefully start the hat 0_0

When Easter is over I will need to head tp the shop for some fabric for the chest strap and get materials for the sheath.

29th March 2013


Began life as an old t-shirt xD Quite comfy :)

Still lots to do but quite doable. Might result in a few late nights *cries*

Sword is getting there yay!

8th March 2013

Leg armour :3

Leg armour is cut, shaped, glued, thermoformed and 1st layer of paint is nearly dry.

I used a coke bottle cap and a egg cup to shape the heated craft foam and a hair dryer for the heat source. Will be using the same method for the wrist armour which is in progress right now.

Plan to start the hat soon. Mountain Dew goggles are gonna be fun :3 Have some better fabric for the scarf now, original was too red so I used it for Ib instead :D

This glue is very icky :S Works like a charm but very gooey 0_0

2nd March 2013

Sword progress

Just the blade :)

Lots of sanding and neatening left XD Waiting for the glue to dry first ^^

3 layers of foamboard but 1 of the layers had some dents on so on the top layers they have some card on top. For the texture I have added some butterfly pins.

7th January 2013

Sleeves ^^


The tape is kinda stiff so it gives it some bone XD

8th November 2012

Stitching yayz~

I made an attempt to sew the sleeves on last week but the needle had snapped and barely made progress that day -_-; however today I felt productive and roughly handsewn them on in preparation for when I get needles. Also Ill be needing a zipper and some snaps too so I can finish the base of the jumpsuit, and do pockets too. Been so long since I made pockets XD Kinda nervous over them. Also be needing some white and lots and lots of bias tape!

Hopefully Ill be getting some craft foam too so I can start on the armour. Been itching to so that for too long!

Made a start on the sword too! Just parts of Foamboard at the moment but hopefully it'll turn out ok ^_^

6th October 2012

Sewing is so fun~ Sewing is so fun~ Now lets take a look and see what we are making~

It is mostly taken in at this point and the sleeves are gonna need attaching soon. Kinda resembling a tube dress at this point so sleeves first and make my way down then get some white and some bias take at some point soon.

Really considering doing the Saturn artwork version due to the shades of blue and the extra armour work looks fun!

28th September 2012

It begins!

I had some light blue material left lying around and brought some dark blue a few days ago so I decided to make a start on the sewing.

Due to my super epic non-patten using instincts what I have done with the jumpsuit needs ALOT of taking in. I might need to buy more of the light blue for sleeves unless I can scavenge more fabric from my sewing box or whatever if any left. Other than that Ill be needing more dark blue for the hat and some white for the sleeves/legs.

17th September 2012

Thinking of buying this wig


Tempted to go with the bright red in the artwork as opposed to the copper in the game simply because I prefer the colour and I think it would go better with the colour scheme :D

Hopefully gonna buy the fabric for the jumpsuit sometime in the next few weeks :D