Yukino Miyazawa - His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)




Worn at London MCM Expo October 2012!

Can't. believe. this series hasn't been listed on CosplayIsland yet!!

In any case, this is something I've wanted to do for years but have only just found a suitable Arima for! Kare Kano is one of my favourite guilty pleasure manga and as irritating as she can be, I absolutely love Yukino to bits.

These costumes were super fun to do and easy to wear - they're really light and comfortable especially around the great big hall, but warm enough for October weather! And so easy to keep tidy.. after wearing costumes with tons of pieces and accessories it made a nice change!

Special thanks to my Arima (Arphrial) for putting up with me dyeing his hair, putting makeup on him and generally annoying him all day, ha! Was awesome to finally do this <3


Angel_of_Algebra posted on 2 November, 2012 - 21:06
You guys are looking so adorable I hate you a little bit. Just a little though.

Freyarule posted on 26 November, 2012 - 14:06
OMG Pero Pero!! You both look so adorable together as Yukino and Arima! <3

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Progress Journal

24th October 2012


At last, after a last-minute spur to get the blazers done it's all finished! Should be wearing these on Sunday at Expo <3

4th September 2012

Shirt and Tie

Yukino is finally nearing completion! Aside from finishing up the tie and making a blazer (..later) she's all sorted for now!

Finding a short sleeved pocketless shirt was nigh on impossible, save for the virtue we call Asda. I tried literally everywhere else with no luck but once again, Asda is a saviour, and at a reasonable 2 for £6 I'm not complaining. Relatively comfy too, as far as school shirts go. I'll miss having a handy pocket, but it's in the design so, sigh, for accuracy's sake it will be a small inconvenience.

The tie is a fabulous elasticated masterpiece, which I find shockingly apt. for Yukino and her notoriously fake exterior. It will look perfect whilst worn but secretly it's a cop out, just like everything else! Hurray for unintended accuracy! The elastic just needs sewing in and it's done.

Next on the list aside from finishing the tie is a couple of makeup tests and then finally the blazer, and of course, clothing Arphrial as Arima. He's easy though, just schoolwear, potentially a gakuran and some hairdye. Sorted!

30th August 2012

Hairband & Skirt

So, as you can see the hairband is now done! I covered an old wide hairband I had for Komugi with a yellow lightly patterned fabric, and it looks super cute :] obviously modelled here by Pero Pero himself, eee!

Speaking of Pero Pero, his ears have been sewn down and his head is sewn on too (it was just pinned before). So he's complete now too and should be fine and ready to be carried around at Expo!

I also finished the skirt this week, so all of the lines are done and it's fully finished with the waistband and zip in place. I'm working on the tie today, so once that's made and I have a suitable short-sleeved shirt everything besides the blazer will be done~!

Feels good to have a costume done well in advance, makes a nice change haha :]

21st August 2012

Skirt progress

Been working away on the skirt here and there, and it's taking shape! Sewing the stripes on it took what felt like forever but they're done now! This took like 20m of ribbon oh my life.

Since this is only the.. second? maybe? pleated skirt I've ever made, I think the pleats look a bit big here so I might reiron them a bit smaller to make it sit better. It looks relatively accurate against references, though, which is always nice! Thankfully the ribbon looks much better ironed than it did when it was freshly sewn, much tidier than expected haha :V

Obviously when finished it'll have a nice tidy waistband, and won't be worn with my unflattering work shirt or jeans. Heh.

8th August 2012

Wig test

And thus my wig arrived! Totally not like the photo suggested and required much trimming and straightening, but alas, it is relatively done now. The colour is wonderful, not 100% accurate but it's a more natural shade for her hair to be than a brighter red.

I trimmed the fringe and thinned it a bit, but damn those wigs are thick! I still think this is a bit too "full" for Yukino since her hair is normally pulled back, but in some parts of the series it is fully forward so I'm going with that. Overall the wig is a teeny bit shorter than it should be as her hair is like a rounded bob, but I think it looks nice this way~!

Obviously not the hairband I'll be using, no makeup, guh, etc.

I've also been working on the skirt, but that's not done yet! Booo

30th July 2012

Wig get

The wig has been ordered~! Hopefully it should arrive soon and I can do some makeup tests and get a hairband sorted for it too!

Only major job left now is to finish working on the skirt :V

26th July 2012

Pero Pero!

Well. Costumes from Kare Kano aren't particularly recognisable, but there's one little guy who is... Pero Pero! So a Pero Pero we shall have.

Sadly I think he looks a little wonky, but he shall do until I can make another! He's made from white and black fleece (for his eyes) and then red felt for his tongue. Took about 2 hours from start to finish to make him, and all he needs now is a few adjustments and some handsewing on his neck and ears (hence the pins)

Pero Pero is usually laid down so I made him quite flat, which will also make him easier to transport, haha. He's not huge, but he's about to scale. His arms are sewn seperately on the underside, so if you bend him around he does keep a different shape, but only just!

Otherwise, he will do nicely and hopefully when myself and Arphrial wear these someone should recognise us from Pero Pero if nothing else :]

22nd July 2012

Researching the simplest costume ~ever~

...No kidding. This is probably the easiest thing I'll have made in years, lol

In any case, the version I'll be doing is based of the anime design for simplicity. The only major difference is Yukino's hair colour and skirt design, with little to no difference on Arima.

Attached is a photo of the wig I shall be ordering! It's a tad darker than her hair is meant to be, but I think it looks more flattering than a bright red wig or a ginger wig. That and it'll need very little styling/trimming to look accurate, since Miyazawa's hair is pretty much exact. All it really needs is a nice hairband and it's done!

The skirt in the manga is a blue tartan, whereas in the anime it's blue with some light blue lines on it. It's much easier to replicate with plain fabric and some ribbon, whereas finding a consistent pattern from the manga is not only stupidly hard but finding one that looks *nice* irl is even harder, so it's a happy compromise. The anime design was simplified a lot, but I prefer it.

I'll probably end up making her blazer but there's plenty time before October for that, and it shouldn't be too difficult to make one in good time! For now I'm just wanting to get the main costume done and dusted :P