OC Reaper ((Myself)) - The World Ends With You/ It's a Wonderful World (TWEWY)





Well I'm playing TWEWY at the moment and I'm absolutely in love with it, so the next cosplay I did HAD to be of TWEWY or I'd be lying to myself XD.

The problem was that none of the characters' appearances or personalities suit me at all. But then again this was a videogame - so you, the gamer, are also a character! I thought about going as myself as a player in the reaper's game, if I could get my hands on a player pin and some psyche pins from somewhere. I badly wanted to wear lapin angelique (the infamous gothic lolita brand of clothes in the game), but decided it was too much effort for something so obscure and specific. So the next thing was to do the opposite and go as myself as a reaper. ^^

I absolutely love the reapers' wings in TWEWY! It's a seriously perfect design! Ornate, but still simple!


Ros3ify posted on 18 July, 2012 - 21:57
The wings look amazing <3