Morgana Pendragon (Season 4) - BBC Merlin


Black Vest Top
Black Lace Long-sleeved Top
Maxi Skirt
Black Ankle Boots

This is my first official cosplay outfit, so it's not much. I'm exceedingly proud of the process though.
I didn't make much of it myself. I bought the lace top a while ago and it's gotten pretty rugged so it fits the look and the maxi skirt is just something I found in my wardrobe. I'm wearing my leather black boots and black tights.
It's not exact, but it's a work in progress.
I am not planning on purchasing a wig, just styling my hair hair likewise to how Katie McGrath has hers. As for make up, I've been practising, and I'm pretty sure I'm spot on.
Roll on Manchester MCM Expo 2012

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