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After soul searching for something awesome, a bit evil and colourful to take on for my next project, (seriously, I use a lot of black...)I recalled how much I'd wanted to tackle a Monster High costume! I revisited to have a look and see if there was any which 'spoke' to me and discovered Rochelle Goyle! She is utterly amazingly 'me' I love her chic style, pale skin and her amazing pink and purple hair. I don't dye mine anymore but I will always get a bit wistful over the fond memories of Special Effects Atomic Pink and Fishbowl *le sigh*

So hence Rochelle!


FlyingMammal posted on 20 July, 2012 - 21:18
looking fangtastic xD

puzzledpenguin posted on 20 July, 2012 - 23:09
Those shoes are gorgeous enough to wear any day, not just in costume! :D

PandoraCaitiff posted on 2 September, 2012 - 11:52
Wow! This looks amazing so far! Those shoes are to die for!

Zomboi posted on 21 May, 2013 - 02:17
love the stone effect on the shoes

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Progress Journal

12th August 2012

I'm really not a wig lady...

So, lots of work done on my wig. I have begun cutting wefts from my teal wig and stitching them into the pink wig. The headband didn't work out so I cut the band off the ears and hot glued the ears to a piece of white leather. This worked out well in the end as I've been able to reposition the ears at a better angle, more like on my Rochelle doll. I cut slots in the wig along one of the main supports and hand stitched the cut edge down. I then slotted the ears through and carefully hotglued the leather section to the inside of my wig. I possibly should have used another kind of glue, but I'm very confident with hotglue, it dries as soon as it cools so I didn't have to worry about accidental transference of the glue to the rest of the wig hair and it gave me good control for application.

I really hate working with long wigs! I worry about the hair getting so tangled just from the general process of turning it inside out and moving it around that the wig will look tortured before I even wear it!

I need to put a whole lot more wefts in and neaten out around the ears and make sure none of the wefts show. I'm loving how it's coming together.

4th August 2012

I love my ears!

So these are the ears, polystyrene base, fimo air light, some light sanding and glued into a plain black hairband with hot glue.

I used hot glue as it meant I could fill in the gaps between the ears and the headband. Unfortunately I glued them too close together and had a tense moment trying to prise off the ears without breaking them so I could reposition them. I managed and voila! Lovely ears. I've glued them on ahead of painting as I didn't want ugly gaps showing. I'm going to add a little more fimo just to even out the gaps, resand with a finer sandpaper and then get to work on painting.

2nd August 2012


Ordered two base wigs today. I will be using one pink and one identical in teal. I intend to cut wefts out of the teal one and then stitch those into the pink to create the stripes she has as well as add bulk.

I also started work on the ears today. I started with a large (about 4" diameter) polystyrene sphere which I sliced in half with a serrated knife. I then sculpted the polystyrene using a stanley knife, slowly carving the basic shapes for the ears. Stage one complete!

20th July 2012

Shoes assembly fun!

To attach the modified heels to the new leather soles and uppers I used a one part all purpose clear adhesive and carpet tacks. I first glued down the solve suede side down onto the heel, a little at a time starting from the toe and easing it back over to the back of the heel. I made sure the leather was glued securely right to the edges of the heels and trimmed off any excess leather to leave around an 1/4" overhang. I decided to use carpet tacks to attach the uppers as they have a large flat head which would enable me to have a nice flush edge and have a nice point to the end. I used a very light small hammer to tap the tacks in, gently easing the leather over the edge, starting from the front and working my way around the toe. I held the front of the leather upper on where it fit correctly and pinned it in at the back sides first, slowly working towards the front on each side. I placed the tacks around a half inch apart all the way along. I secured the heels in the same way, starting at the centre back and working my way around.

The next stage was to glue on the trim, hiding the tacks and adding extra support to the shoe.

19th July 2012

Sewing my uppers

To sew my uppers I used my machine, I currently don't have a leather foot (woe is me!) and was working on my other machine so I walked the leather through manually to ensure my stitches were even and followed the contours of my pieces correctly. I placed the pieces down suede sides together and stitched about 1/8" from the edge. I then rolled the seam over and glued the leather down on the other side.

I repeated the same method for the heels, though they had to be notched (cutting from the other edge towards the seam in regular intervals to avoid the material buckling and 'ease' the seam) I really should have then lined the uppers entirely in a second layer of my finest leather but I wasn't that confident the next stage would go so well so I half expected to have to redo the
uppers anyway. It doesn't make a great deal of difference as they will still be comfortable and durable without the lining but it is something for me to bear in mind for any further shoes!

17th July 2012

More shoe love

Cut out all the leather pieces and glued the swirls on the leather uppers. Finished making the fleur de lis from sculpey which I am then getting a friend to recast in resin to make a sturdier piece. Sewing next!

16th July 2012

Custom shoes part 1

Chopped the tops off the shoes and started building up the pattern on the heels using dark grey leather. The leather is glued on using an all purpose one part glue which I've found works great on both leather and shoes in general. I still need to take a stanley knife to the edges of the uppers to remove the last of the pieces, the edge will be covered by a trim once my new uppers are attached however.

15th July 2012

Base Shoes!

So I have bought my base shoes! Yay! These 6" heel beauties are a great starting point. I need to remove the whole of the upper, giving me just the heels to work on. I will be adding the sculpted sections using cut outs. I'm opting for using thick leather to do so rather than craftfoam as it will be a little harder wearing considering it is to be on a shoe and I'm fairly heavy on my feet and likely to scuff them.

I will then paint the heels and create the entire upper using leather. Exciting!