Costume :Etna
Source :Disgaea
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2008

Costume Photos

At Fuyu '09.

At Fuyu '09.

At Fuyu '09.

Disgaea group

Flonne & Etna

Etna finished

Etna in progress



Costume Information

This costume was so fun! ... granted, I didn't make the bulk of it, but all of it needed to be altered.

The top was fastened with velcro (>.<) so that had to be changed, and the skirt was waaay too long, so that had to be chopped down.

The tail was made with foam, which was covered in masking tape to make it circular, and then had purple/red material... (I forget what kind) sewn onto it.

Boots were bought, and the faces were drawn on with marker pen.

I'll be sure to get some pictures up of the whole thing after Amecon.


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Ahh, how cute :3. I love this character

by 1000014 on Wednesday, 6 August, 2008 - 02:06
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wow great job, can see u must have had lots of fun in the group

by timpey on Friday, 5 September, 2008 - 12:40
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Uwow! You make a wonderful Etna X3

by Solaria on Saturday, 20 September, 2008 - 16:38
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Excellent! What else can I say? :)

by AmethystEyes on Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 - 20:09
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8D Sure x3 I'll bring Etna then 8D
Uwow now im really excited! Thankies for asking!

by Solaria on Sunday, 11 October, 2009 - 22:28
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YAY! And so do i D: itd be awesome! x3

by Solaria on Sunday, 11 October, 2009 - 22:53
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Mind hed need to be smaller than us xD

by Solaria on Sunday, 11 October, 2009 - 22:53
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Gotta say I loved seeing this at Fuyu!

by sjbonnar on Wednesday, 28 October, 2009 - 02:16